Another Busy Month Comes and Goes

I’m almost done with my second MICU month. Thank goodness it was a bit easier the second time around! Still, I haven’t really been doing too much outside of work. I do make an effort to attend yoga, which really helps my mood. And I’ve made some time to do some largely unsuccessful online shopping. I have found a few keepers, though.

I finally got around to trying out my new cosmetics from the Sephora F&F sale! Some things were awesome, but most things ended up returned (better for the budget, right?). One definite keeper was Lancome’s nail polish. They don’t have a ton of color options, but all of the colors I got were super pigmented, streak-free and easy to apply (and I have no nail painting skills)! Such a great formula. I also tried a bunch of foundations, BB creams and tinted moisturizers. Ugh, not fun. I was rash-y and broken out almost constantly. The two products that didn’t break me out and looked wonderful all day were Dior’s skin tint and YSL’s illuminating foundation. I’m in the process of deciding which one to keep! One last unexpectedly good product was Illamasqua’s cream blush. I got it in zygomatic, which gives a beautiful, natural tint. I’ve never heard of that brand before (maybe I’m the only one?), but I’m impressed. They have an array of beautiful powder blushes too, that I’m tempted to try out!

easy petite looks blog.
I think I’m gonna keep the few items I bought from J. Crew a while back. I got a pair of Sloane patent pumps (again). Last time I bought them in a 6.5, but this time I grabbed a 6. I’m in between sizes for these, so I’m not sure what to do. Maybe I’ll stretch out the 6’s with the sock + hair dryer trick? I’m also a fan of the Collection cashmere pocket tunic, that apparently went back up to full price. I took an xs in this (vs. xxs). I like the extra length and room in the arms and body. This comes in such beautiful colors!! I’m sure it’ll be back on sale soon (and I wouldn’t mind grabbing it in another color!). The “surprise” in this order was the Deep ivy plaid shirt. This is way thicker and warmer than I was expecting!! It would be do-able to layer a sweater over it (maybe a slight bit bulky), but I think I’m going to layer another button down under it and essentially use this as a “sweater.”

easy petite looks blog
I caved last minute during J. Crew’s Cyber Monday sale and placed another order (just to try? lol). The stuff hasn’t arrived, so I can’t comment on the items just yet. Just a warning, this is the most random order ever. I think I was pretty tired! It started out with some toasty socks. Then I added a colorblock baseball cap (what?). Somehow, the Collection cafe capri in pintucked heavy shantung ended up in my cart next. In vivid avocado… interesting. Last but not least, the Collection tailored sweatpant in velvet hopped into the cart. They won me over with the “What to wear when you don’t want to get dressed” comment. I do appreciate some good advertising. I wouldn’t be surprised if the only think I kept out of this order was the socks.

Coat: Burberry (old) // Blouse: J. Crew, 00 (here)
Skirt: J. Crew (old, could check out this mini)
Pumps: J. Crew (sold out, either wait for a popback or try the silver version)
 Bag: Celine (old)
 At the rate I’m posting these days, this could very well be my last post of 2013! Hopefully not 🙂 I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy! Have you come across any amazing holiday recipes yet? If you do, please share! I’ve been looking for something new to try for a while now. And as always, thank you for reading. Have an awesome weekend!