J. Crew Military Parka Review

In this post I will review J. Crew’s Military Parka, item 06823. It has a factory version called the Factory Hooded Parka, item 03492. And there’s also a cozy Woolrich John Rich & Bros. version too, called the Arctic Parka, item 17621.

J. Crew Military Parka Fit Pics

Sizing: Iā€™m wearing an xxs regular in this coat. Iā€™m wearing some thin layers under it fits comfortably. Not too tight and not too loose (well, maybe a little too loose). If you’re between sizes definitely size down. Ladies that are smaller than I am should consider the petite version. It also comes in tall. The length is good for me in the body in this regular version, but might be shorter than desired for those over 5’3″!

Fit: The fit isn’t the most feminine, but that’s intentional for this style. It is a slim cut overall with a cord that can be cinched at the waist to give the coat a little shape. Its not fitted, but also isn’t overwhelmingly puffy. A good balance for those that need a functional coat!

Warmth: This coat would provide adequate warmth in most climates, I think. Probably not below 20 F for me. Its made of a wind resistant thicker nylon. It has a huge insulated hood to really help keep the heat in. And it has a cozy quilted liner.

Colors: I got the green color, which I find really pretty. Its neutral enough to wear with any casual outfits. The navy would be pretty too, I’m sure.

Quality: I like the quality of the parka, but I think its overpriced for what you get. There aren’t any amazing features or materials for this parka. Its pretty basic. I like some of the details like the removable fur trim and double closure in front, but these don’t justify the price. I’m surprised it hasn’t made it to sale yet!