Not Original

For the past three weeks I’ve done mostly clinic and self-study; no wards. Only one more week until I’m thrown back into the MICU! I’m trying to stay optimistic. Its so hard to go from a super-relaxed month to an intense, patients-are-trying-to-die month. *Sigh* Well, I should focus on enjoying this last week, then! I’ve actually gotten outside to take a few blog pictures recently, which has been increasingly difficult to do with the decreasing amounts of daylight and the cold and/or wet weather we’re now getting! The sweater-leggings-boots combo seems to what everyone is doing now, so I figured I’d join. Originality is overrated.

easy petite looks pics
J. Crew Sweater, old (similar) // Ann Taylor Blouse, old // Lululemon Leggings // Frye Boots, old (similar, or more streamlined sans buckles) // Fendi Bag
easy petite looks pic
I’m in love with this sweater, and I was so excited when I brought it out from storage! I remember buying it from last winter when I was sitting in the airport coming or going from one of my many residency interviews. I’d been waiting for it to hit a good price point all season! Most J. Crew sweaters from recent years haven’t held up too well. Their cashmere is thin and forms pills easily (the long sleeve tee’s and hoodies have been the worst for me, despite their ridiculous prices!!). But this one (I forget what its called) is holding up wonderfully. I’m not totally in love with the style, but the quality and coziness wins me over.

easy petite looks2
If you’re looking to purchase J. Crew cashmere pieces that will hold up, look for a lower gauge number. Their basic cashmere pieces (long sleeve tee, v-neck, tippi, cardigan, etc) are 12-gauge knits, and these have lasted me about a season before looking worn. Those with a lower gauge (like the one I’m wearing) are holding up much better! My guess would be that textured stitch sweater is this years version of the sweater I’m wearing. Its a 5-gauge knit and will be warm an lofty! The pocket sweater and diamond sweater are both stunning and are 7-gauge knits, which should hold up well, too. These will hopefully both make it into my closet as soon as they hit sale. I’m in love with them both!