Purchase Summary – October 2013

Ah yes, the purchase summary. I think my max number of items for October was two. I increased that to four after returning the pinot noir Minnie pants (really don’t need any more Minnies) and nude Sloane pumps (will grab these the second they go to sale). For this month, I decided to put my fitness stuff into a totally different budget (health/ fitness), but I’ll still share those purchases as well!

First up: J. Crew embroidered-front tee. Adorable! I first saw this top in store in the navy and cream combo. I was surprised by the flattering fit (not too tight in the arms!!), so I took it home with me. But, I really wasn’t a fan of the color combo on myself. So, I went online and grabbed both the ivory/gray combo and navy/burgundy combo. Not sure which will be the winner out of the three!

My next purchase was a pair of black Hunter fleece welly socks. I love my plain black Hunter boots that I picked up on eBay last fall, but for some reason I didn’t splurge on the socks until now! Definitely glad I finally did. This sock-boot combo is going to be great for the snowy weather ahead. Maybe I’ll even grab an extra pair when it starts to cool down even more. I’m loving the “bird’s eye” and “zigzag” pairs!

October Purchases

A purchase that seems promising but has yet to arrive is the Sanuk snowfox loafer. I’m planning on wearing these casually and with my scrubs at work (I’ve been wearing my other pair of Sanuks all the time). I’m seriously always cold, so I’m hoping that the fuzzies in these are actually functional!

Um, I guess that’s it. I bought some other stuff, but everything has since been returned. On to the workout gear…

Lululemon. Overpriced. Addictive. I grabbed (and kept) a few things from them this month. The dog runner pant is brilliant. Warm and comfy, and they repel pet fur! The moment these go on sale I’ll grab another pair. Love number two is the still pant. Oh, so comfy. Doubles as scrubs for work when I’m not doing “messy” things. These will be perfect for lifting in, too! Still on the way are the en route jacket and cool racerback. Hard to say if these will be keepers.

I’ve also reacquainted myself with Victoria’s Secret. I haven’t shopped at that store for ages. But, I’ve really be struggling to find a sport bra that fits! I’m going to give their studio sport bra a try. I don’t need much, really. Just some support (honestly, my boobs aren’t that big, it shouldn’t be that hard) and no pinching! I also grabbed their funnel neck pullover to meet a free shipping and extra $$ off criteria. It better be darn good for that price! Hopefully these arrive one day.

Overall, I spent about $130 on non-fitness clothes this month (the other total has yet to be determined…). Seems reasonable. Next month will be a big purchase month, I think. I need a new winter coat and winter boots. Nothing I’ve tried thus far has worked out, but I’ll keep trying. Hopefully something works out before the winter weather arrives! What were your fun purchases?