Make Yourself Fall

In yoga practice the other day, the instructor said that the goal of that day’s class was to fall.  She reasoned that falling is the fastest way to figure out what your boundaries are, making you better, faster.  She argued that the same applies in life. If you’re scared to fall (aka: “fail”), you won’t take risks. You’ll make progress, but it’ll be much slower. You won’t reach the same level of success that you would have if you viewed falling as a natural step to success.

Well, I definitely did fall a number of times in that class, and a bunch of times since then! And I’ve noticed a quicker improvement in my abilities. Now if only I could apply that concept at work.

easy petite looks..
Speaking of work, thank goodness I’ve finally made it to this easier month. I’m wearing real clothes again! Well, kind of. I’m wearing some yoga leggings and a running shirt (the most gorgeous running shirt ever), but you can’t tell. In fact, I wore this to work and was asked why I was so dressed up! If only they knew, lol.

easy petite looks...
Just in time for fall, I’ve found some alternatives to my Minnie pants that have gotten too much love during the past few years! My last post featured some faux suede leggings, which I’m continuing to love. I’m finally done searching for the perfect pair of black leggings after finding (and hemming) Lululemon’s WU luxtreme pants (WTH is “luxtreme?” Whatever, love them). And these are some almost-long-underwear-like yoga leggings, also by Lululemon. They do know how to make a comfortable pant.

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As far as shopping goes, I’m trying to cut back overall (and trying to sell things to combat my apparent inability to cut back). I sound like an addict. Anyway, I think a few new cold weather pieces are making their way into the “need” category. Specifically warm boots. My warm boots from last year have since made their way into the garbage. That’s what happens when it snows a lot and you have to shovel your own long driveway (oh, how hard life is…). I’ve admittedly always bought Uggs. The short ones. I’m tempted to get another pair, but geeezzz, when did they get so expensive? I’m considering this pair because its on sale, but maybe I should just get the regular ones. Anyone have any other recommendations for super warm winter boots before I take the plunge?

Hope your week is off to a good start!