Is Lululemon Worth the Hype?

A lovely reader commented on a recent post about not letting herself buy any Lululemon because she didn’t want to become obsessed. Smart. Very smart. I figured since I’m a super trendy yogi now (ha! right…) that I should grab some super trendy yoga clothes. Just a few things, of course… and then a few more… whoops. Well, fancy workout clothes inspire me to work out more. Workouts motivate me to eat better, and help me sleep better. Basically, I’m investing in my health. Justified.

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I thought that I would just try a few of their popular items. You know, just to see what the hype was all about. I started slow. I only bought one thing, the Luxtreme Wunder Under Pants. As I’ve said, I love them. Comfy and flattering for workouts or casual wear. And they wash well. I pulled these out of the dryer and they looked like new! No shrinking, no stretching out, fabric looked perfect. If you have a lot of workout leggings, you know this is pretty amazing.

easy petite looks
So enough about those pants already. After a few sweaty hot yoga sessions I decided to get some teeny tiny Boogie shorts. Super cute, but I feel about 10 years too old to wear them.I have cellulite (*gasp*). And I don’t think there’s anything I can do about it. I kept a pair of these for those days when I just don’t care who sees my jiggly thighs. In the same order I also grabbed the Flow Y Bra IV. Because it was on sale. Its cute. Worth the $29 sale price for sure.

easy petite looks
I was going to stop there. Be done. Be happy with what I had. But I didn’t stop. I picked up a few other way-too-expensive items since then that I’m absolutely in love with (“just to try” never works). Honestly, some of their items are amazing. Like the Journey Crop – crazy flattering, stays in place, keeps you cool. Or the First Base Tank – so soft, so gorgeous and doubles as a casual tank. The 105 f Singlet is also a great one – flowy and comfy, possibly the most comfortable tank I’ve ever worked out in. I wish I said that I didn’t still have an order on the way. Thank goodness I’ll have time to do some major selling this month! I’m already over my shopping limit. Gah.

easy petite looks
~Equipment Shirt~ Magaschoni Scarf ~ Capulet Leggings ~ Manolo Pumps ~ Fendi Bag ~
So, one more week of wards! I couldn’t be more ready for a mini break. I really do enjoy most of what I do, but taking care of such sick patients is draining. And rarely (or never) seeing family and friends due to the crazy hours is pretty depressing. I feel so disconnected! That will have to be remedied very soon. Have a good week!