Family Time

I went home to visit my family this past week. My dad was scheduled to have a “wedge” lung resection to remove a suspicious looking nodule. The surgery went perfectly, and my dad’s recovering wonderfully (he’s the type of old man that insists on leaving the hospital the second he can walk… you know the type). The best news is that the nodule is not lung cancer. You could feel my family’s relief after the news. I always say that we should see each other as much as possible, and do what makes us happy, because you never know when you won’t have tomorrow. This is just another reminder to continue to do that. Thankfully, this time was good news!

This month has flown by! I can’t believe I have to put an October purchase summary together in the next few days! Luckily, my shopping hasn’t been too out of control. I’ve bought a fair amount of workout stuff, but I’ve decided to put all of my workout purchases into my “health and fitness” budget instead of my “clothing, shoes, accessories” budget. I think its reasonable, unless the purchases get waaayyyyy out of control. Then I’ll have to re-think it. Sadly, my Lululemon obsession continues. My favorite purchase so far is now the dog runner pant. My goodness, I’m going to live in these this winter!! They’re the most comfortable pants ever. No joke. If you live in a cold climate, definitely consider checking these out.

The other pair of pants I’m obsessed with is the still pant. Crazy comfy. I’m planning on wearing these in lieu of my paper thin scrub pants (after they’re hemmed… yay for free hemming!!!). They’re warm and much more flattering. I got them in a size 2 (I appear to be a size 4 in most things LLL), but I might get my regular size 4 if I get another pair. Mostly because the size 2’s are sold out. They’ll be a little baggier, but I’ll make it work. For a wide leg, they make my legs look surprisingly long!

easy petite looks
My most recent order has yet to arrive, but I’m looking forward to it! I’m hoping the en route jacket will be the perfect wear-over-anything jacket. I want to wear it mostly at work over scrubs. My other jackets I’ve been wearing to work just are not holding up well, and honestly, are starting to look a little trashy. I don’t need to look good at work, I just can’t look like a bum either. I’ll put the “oh my gosh, Lululemon holds up so well and totally justifies the cost” claim to the test.

Have you heard that Sephora’s VIB event (or whatever they call it) will start on 11/7? I’ve been looking forward to this for months now!! Its one of the two times per year where I try new makeup (and stock up on old favorites). I’ll definitely be picking up backups for my everyday products (dark circles concealer, blemish concealer, blush and mascara), but I’m also excited to try a few new products. I’m totally in the mood for some new nail polish colors, and plan on trying out Lancome’s gorgeous looking colors. And I’m considering trying out a new blush brand, even though I always go back to Nars. Not sure what else to try yet. If you’re the wait-for-sale type, too, what do you have your eye on?