Trying to Prioritize

I’m struggling with time management. There are so many things that I want to do, but there just are not enough hours in the day (or week, or month) to get it all done. And I just can’t accept that. I always feel disappointed when I’m unable to check off all of the items on my optimistic to-do list.

easy petite looks......
After work, my top priorities have to be fitness and healthy eating. So many people struggle with these. I’m one of them. Working out can be relatively easy if you have a regular schedule that provides you with lots of free time, and an excess of funds to get a hot personal trainer. This really isn’t the case for most people. What has been working for me is attending barre/yoga/pilates/spin/etc. classes whenever I can. Not whenever I feel like it. Because that would be never. If I happen to get off of work early (before 6:30), to class I go. As much as I dread going, I always feel 100x better afterwards. Oh, and that “healthy eating” thing. That’s just not happening yet. I no longer have time to cook, and I really need to focus on making better choices throughout the day. I’m still on weight watchers, but I’m not doing so hot. I’m totally open you any tips you have for this. Anything.

easy petite looks..
Quite apparently, blogging has fallen lower on the priority list. I truly enjoy it and love talking to readers and other bloggers. I’m a little bummed that I don’t have much time for that anymore. During those few free hours I have per week, I try to see my non-cyber friends. Because if I’m hanging out with them, I can non-guiltily drink as much wine as I want. Its a bit frowned upon to drink while hanging out with your online friends (aka: sitting at home by yourself).

easy petite looks....
I do get in a fair amount of online shopping throughout the week, though. 95% of it is done on my phone when I’m walking through the hall or up the stairs. I’m surprised I haven’t tripped or walked into a wall yet. I was looking at J. Crew’s new arrivals (which have let me down recently), and there were actually a few things that caught my eye. Four, to be exact. The scanned floral tee has one of the best patterns I’ve seen in quite some time. Love the collar! The silk boy blouse in tossed hearts is adorable. The print is awesome, and I’m definitely a fan of the clean black and white. The embroidered boy shirt is something a little bit different, but in a good way. I’m not sure if this one’s going to make it to sale. Lastly, I like the tie-waist tweed mini in theory, but I’m not convinced it would work out for me. I’m intrigued enough by the fabric content and classic colors to likely still give it a go when sale time hits.

easy petite looks
~ Shirt: Ann Taylor (this season’s colors, runs longer than pictured) ~ Pants: LOFT (from a few seasons ago, going to look into the cinnamon color next) ~ Shoes: J. Crew (non-slingback version) ~ Bag: Celine ~
I’ve already managed to spend money on some new fall additions (shopping while short on sleep… I don’t recommend it). I grabbed some faux suede leggings just because. Surprisingly, I really like them. They’re so soft and fit quite well in the xs. What else… oh yes. I finally got the sleeveless Equipment shirt now that summer is almost over. I couldn’t find it at a good price until now, but I’m sure I’ll wear it under stuff in the fall and winter anyway. And lastly, I found the Equipment collarless blouse at a good price, too. I can’t comment on fit yet, but if you’re interested, its still available in all sizes in the white (consider waiting for an extra % off, got mine for $70). That’s all the useless info I have for now. Have a great weekend!