Shopping for the Life I Want

Being a resident is not a glamorous job. Typically, I roam around the hospital wearing ill-fitting, wrinkled scrubs and my comfiest (and ugliest) footwear. My hair is messy… maybe I washed it recently. Or maybe it houses a bottle of dry shampoo. My makeup is minimal, although I still try to at least cover my dark circles. Thankfully, there are a few easier months scattered throughout residency (I have one coming up in a few weeks!). During those months I dress like a real person. And it feels awesome.

easy petite looks
Eventually I’ll have a schedule that allows me to look presentable at work every day. But that won’t happen for years. Despite this, I’m still shopping primarily for business-casual clothes that only get worn every few months. All of those beautiful items just sit in my closet, sad and alone! I’m clearly shopping for the life I want, not the one I have going on right now. I need to cut back on those purchases.

easy petite looks.
Instead, I want to spend money on items that will get major use (and make me happy on a regular basis!). I wear scrubs for the most part, but I’m not going to spend any money on those. They always end up with stains (gross…) and holes. So that leaves workout clothes. I’ve been obsessed with working out. Its often the only thing that keeps me going. I’m in love with barre classes. Definitely give it a go if you’re looking for an amazing workout that’s relatively easy on the joints. And nothing clears my mind and allows me to sleep better than some yoga.

I’m basically saying that I’m going to be one of those people. You know, the type that thinks workout clothes are fashionable, lol! I’m going to allow myself to buy more comfortable and flattering workout clothes. Hey, they might even get some extra use as insulation under my scrubs come winter.

easy petite looks..
I’ve read tons of athletic apparel reviews on websites and blogs. I don’t think I’m going to give in to the hype of Lululemon, although I am a fan of my WU Luxtreme pants (flattering on the bum and perfect as leggings in the winter!). A brand I am excited to try is a little under the radar, but has great reviews. Its called Lucy. I originally got a few of their tops from 6pm a few months back and have loved them. Now I’m going to try their “perfect core” legging, pleated legging and pant. They’re actually having an end of season sale that just started now, so I grabbed a few extra things to try (wave racerback tank, studio sweater, run free short sleeve shirt and strong is sexy long sleeve shirt). Hopefully at least some of those work out! Their sale stuff goes fast, so check it out if you’re interested (free shipping on everything!). I’m definitely in need of some replacements for my current workout garb ASAP. My old things are stretched out, faded and forming holes. Not pretty. What are your go-to workout brands?

Hope you’re finding time for yourself today!