Purchase Summary – September

I’m not quite sure what happened to September. I’m bummed that its almost over (but excited for my upcoming slow month!). I’ve done a fair amount of whoops shopping this month due to a combination of sleep deprivation and fitness obsession. Hot yoga? Yes, please.

Alright then, this is the junk stuff I bought:

Faux Suede Leggings – I bought these because I’ve been meaning to expand my pants collection. Can’t wear the Minnie pants every day.  I can’t believe I bought these on final sale, though. Thankfully they worked out, or else I’d be really mad at myself. I took a few pictures of them that I’ll hopefully post in the next few days. They fit fine, look fine. I like the zippers at the bottom a lot. For some reason their price has actually gone up, but now they’re on “additional sale.” Oh, pricing games. ~$50

Equipment Signature Sleeveless Shirt – This was an eBay find. I don’t like it as much as I though I would. Its not a great one for petites. Its long. Too long. I’ll need to tuck it in or do some serious layering. Oh well. ~$70

Lululemon Wunder Under Luxtreme Pants – Love these things. Seriously. They look amazing on. They are comfy and don’t ride up or down. And they wash well. The only thing I could ask for is for them to be cheaper. Not gonna happen. But I plan on wearing these to shreds, so it should eventually be worth it. ~$90

Manolo BB Pumps in Stripe – This was an impulse buy. I’ve been trying to find a reasonably priced pair of BB pumps for ages. I had a pair on back-order from Sacks from way back in March or April that was price-matched. But they apparently decided that they weren’t going to price-match anymore and shipped them out full price. I called and left messages three times with no reply. Worst customer service ever. Well, these are a pretty fun replacement, and waaaaayyyy less expensive. ~$190

purchase summary

Lucy Perfect Core Pleated Leggings – These are pretty comfy. Very comfy, actually. And they’re flattering. I got them in that olive green color, which is different, but not in a bad way, IMO. ~$45

Lululemon Boogie Short – While these have yet to arrive, I have high hopes for them. They’re tiny and adorable. Perfect for some hot yoga… and that’s it. They’d be obscene to wear anywhere else. I mean, much shorter and they wouldn’t even count as shorts. ~$40

Lucy Studio SweaterLove. I was hoping that this shirt would be something that I could throw on after workouts or wear to work. And it is. It can easily be dressed up or down. And its crazy comfy. I got the dark green-brown color because it was on sale. If it was still on sale in other colors I’d grab another in a second. But its pretty steep full price. ~$40

Lululemon Flow-y Bra iv – Another yet-to-arrive self-gift. I noticed that my workout bras are gross (so I’ve noticed this for a while and ignored it until now). They’re probably about 6+ years old. And about 50% of them have holes. Which didn’t bother me until I started to wear these little workout tanks over them and their hole-y edges stick out. Just not pretty. Time to try something new. ~$45

Lucy Wave Racerback – This is a nice, comfy, basic top. A nice addition to my tiny tank collection. I like the looser fit around the middle. Its nice to be able to breath in your workout gear! 😉 ~$30

And now the scary analysis. I don’t even think I set a goal number of items. Maybe that’s why this got kind of out of control this month (although most things were returned). I had $1400 in my budget ($600 rollover + $400 monthly + $400 order cancellation). I think my total is $610. You can check my math, I’m tired (this is why I decided to round the prices this post). Its not horrible. But I’ll be cutting back next month. Two purchase max. That’s right. Self-control… Starting now.