Fall “Do Not Buy” List

I’m a bit behind on my blog reading, but I’m assuming that fashion bloggers are starting to discuss fall fashion (or maybe they have been for a while and I’m more behind than I think). In my opinion, fall fashion has the same basic components every year. Colors get bolder, thick, texturized fabrics become a mainstay, boots make their way from the back of the closet, and scarves, hats and mittens come out of hiding. Pretty simple.

easy petite looks....
In my previous post I mentioned that I want to decrease my business-casual clothing purchases because they aren’t getting enough use. I’m swapping those purchases out for some nice workout apparel (lots of reviews to come when the stuff finally arrives!). But, I admittedly love fall fashion as much as the next person. So I can’t go the entire season without getting at least a few fun things (self control… must practice self control… hehe)… But what?

easy petite looks
I sometimes put together a “do not buy” list before I make a wishlist. It helps me stay organized and allows me to make more useful purchases. So, what do I not need this fall?

  • Flats: I have a small but sufficient collection of flats. I invested in AGL flats in the beginning of residency and I’m still loving them. My nude pair gets the most use by far. They seem to go with everything. My tan and black pair gets a bit less use, but they do add some interest to otherwise boring outfits (I use them when I would have otherwise worn all black shoes). My nude Viv flats are probably the next most worn pair I have. I adore the sleek patent leather and pointed toe. They’re comfy, but nowhere as comfortable as the AGLs.
  • Flat Boots: I adore flat boots on others, but I’m not a huge fan of them on myself. Not sure why. I do own one black pair from years past that I’ll wear occasionally, but I must resist the flat boot trend. I’ve honestly bought and sold at least 10 pairs over the last few years. My favorite pairs that I’d recommend are Frye’s Melissa Button Boot, Veronica Slouch Boot, and Carmen Harness Boot (they are all extremely comfortable and well-made)!! I do regret selling the Carmen Harness Boot, actually, now that I think about it. That one has a nice sized heel to it and the most comfortable leather ever. Check out 6pm if you’re looking for Frye boots. Sometimes you get lucky and they’ll have your size available.
  • Transitional Jackets: By this I mean jackets that won’t keep me warm under 55 degrees. As much as I adore cotton Burberry trenches, they fall into this category. I was hoping to get this black one, but I just can’t justify it. Instead, I’ll focus on wearing the metallic anorak and beige and olive trenches that are already sitting in my closet (mine are versions from previous seasons). No point in buying things that will not get worn much.

easy petite looks.....
And to continue…

  • Heels: Don’t need more. Picked up the metallic blush Everly pumps and beige Sloane pumps recently. Both were surprisingly comfortable. I might need to size down in the Sloane pumps to my regular size, but I’ve been so busy that I just haven’t gotten around to it. I also may or may not have picked up other heels that I don’t necessarily “need” this month…
  • J. Crew Minnies: How many pairs of these can one own before it counts as being a problem? I’m probably getting close to that number! I have them in black, red, burgundy, green and gray. Do not need anymore of these!! Need to expand my pant styles.
  • Boyfriend Jeans: These don’t work out very well for me. The closest thing that I have are these AG stilt skinnies that are one size too big. Even these aren’t the most flattering (wonder why I don’t have a picture from the back?). I do love the stilt style for fitted skinnies, though.
  • Equipment Shirts: I love these shirts (so soft…), but its time to wear the ones I have! I think they’ll be great for layering this fall. I have the basics in black, pink and beige. I admit, I’d probably give in and get another if I could find either this tiny hearts one or this army green one on sale.

easy petite looks...

// Equipment Sweater, xs // J. Crew Shirt, 0 // Adriano Stilt Jeans, 26 // Kate Spade Heels, 6.5 // Givenchy Bag //

Phew, that was a long post. Off to bed. I’m trying to answer emails and reply to comments, but I always slack and go to sleep instead. I’m getting there, promise. I always love reading what you guys have to say, and I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to write. Have a great start to your week! Hope you can relax and enjoy the beautiful changing of the seasons if you’re experiencing it right now, too 🙂