5 Summer Trends I Skipped

I’ve been blogging for long enough to know that its not a good idea for me to try every “must try” trend. I have a good idea about what works for my body type and my lifestyle. If I was still in college, I’d definitely give these trends a go. Well, some of them, at least.

These are the trends I skipped this summer:
cropped tops

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1. Cropped tops – I would never have guessed that these would’ve been so popular this summer! I mean, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to show off your belly, I guess. Maybe you have a 6-pack that you worked super hard for. That’s commendable. There was a time back in high school when I wanted to let my belly show. I did have some pretty nice abs. Of course, my mom would never let me leave the house looking like that. So I did what any girl would do: wear a top over and take it off when you get to your destination.

bermuda shorts

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2. Bermuda shorts – If I want to look shorter and fatter, I’ll grab a pair of bermuda shorts. Honestly, these things look awful on me. I’ve tried. I don’t know how they manage to be so unflattering! They can’t even be remedied with heels. Yeah, its that bad. I’d post pictures, but they’ll all been deleted. I hope. I have seen these look adorable on others, though.


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3. Overalls – hence their name, overalls used to be worn over all clothing. They were supposed to be protective clothing for when people worked messy jobs. My dad has a pair (or five) that he wears when he does construction. I wouldn’t exactly call them stylish. I know that these lovelies have been “fashionable” numerous times during the past few decades, but honestly? They’re not meant to be flattering. And they’re not.

wedge sneaker

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4. The wedge sneakers – Holy goodness, these things are everywhere!! When Isabel Marant first introduced these, I was like, no way will these ever be popular. Wrong, wrong, wrong.  Apparently they have made their way on to the feet of “fashionable” folks everywhere. If I’m going to suffer through wearing heels, I want to at least look good. They better make me look slimmer, not more squat. And truthfully, heeled or not, I’d never reach for tennis to make me feel more put together as I’m walking out the door. For $225, you can be the proud owner of the ugliest pair I’ve ever seen.

midi length skirts

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5. Midi’s – Something about the midi (dress or skirt) makes it work for just about 0.2% of women. Even if high-waisted and worn with heels, the midi has a sneaky way of being unflattering. Maybe it has something to do with the hem sitting on the fattest part of our lower leg? I don’t think I have fat legs, but the midi skirt would make you believe otherwise. If you want to test your luck with the midi, consider trying a slimmed down version.

Did you try any of these? What were your thoughts?