Purchase Summary – July 2013

I have to say, I didn’t have too much success shopping this month. This may be partly because it was a busy month in the MICU, but honestly, the sales haven’t been great and I couldn’t find many good deals on eBay. Usually when this happens, I buy little things that I kind of like, just to have something new. But I’m very happy that I didn’t do that (other than perhaps the tank that didn’t work out). And now I have more money saved for my next purchases. Something usually grabs my attention in fall roll-outs! My goal was to buy 6 items or less in July.

Item #1: J. Crew City Mini in Linen – flax – I wanted this skirt since I originally tried it on months ago. I finally managed to snag it! Sadly, after I took it home, I noticed that it had small holes in numerous places. I called customer service and had them do a “we will find it” and returned the other skirt. Well, that worked out better than expected! I actually paid less for the second skirt than I originally did, somehow (love the no tax on clothes here). Cost: $36.99

Item #2: J. Crew City Mini in Linen – navy – Yeah, I bought two of these. I have the regular city mini in a few colors and they get good use. I’m wondering if J. Crew has discontinued the style? I dont see any in the fall roll-out yet. Maybe they’ll come out later. I was scrolling through the new items and the Scallop-trim mini caught my eye. It’s a similar style, but it sadly doesn’t have an elastic waist. It may be worth a try in the future, though. Cost: $41.99

july purchases

Item #3: J. Crew Short Sleeve Sweatshirt – This is such a cozy shirt! It was originally over-priced at almost $60, so I was excited to find it at $11.99! Its not the most versatile shirt, but its nice for the weekends. For work I think it will look good with a long sleeve shirt under it.  Cost: $11.99

Item #4: Inhabit Cashmere Thermal Cowl Sweater – I was sitting in the cold library one day when I decided to browse sweaters (why do they have to make it so frigid inside during the summer?). I came across that Inhabit sweater and went back and forth on it for a while. I wondered if it would be too bulky. I decided to take a chance on it. I could always use a quality gray sweater in my wonderfully boring wardrobe! Neutral = cohesion for me. Cost: $104.88

Item #5: Under Armour ‘Victory’ Tank – I’ve been attending pilates, barre and yoga classes 5-6 days per week, and plan on continuing to do so for the next few weeks. I only have a few pairs of yoga pants and tank tops to wear, so I basically wear the same stuff over and over. Its not that big of a deal, really. I’m not trying to impress anyone with my awesome “workout style.” But I do love a new piece of workout gear. I originally bought this tank, but returned it because it was so long! If you’re looking for a longer workout tank that can cover your bum, try this one. Cost: $11.99–>0

Item #5 (redo) CW-X Ventilator 3/4 Tight – I love love love my CW-X workout tights. They are the compression type of tights and really do help my legs feel better during workouts (also have them in the longer version). Since I returned my UA top, I figured I’d give these a shot. They haven’t arrived yet, but we’ll see how they are when they get here! Cost: $62.99 

Item #6: Joie Venicia Silk Top – You can’t go wrong with a classic silk blouse in a beautiful creamy color. I grabbed this one from eBay recently so I could use up some eBay bucks. It hasn’t arrived just yet, but the reviews are pretty favorable, so I’m not overly worried (unless it arrives damaged, which is always a bummer). Cost: $59.22

In summary, I spent a total of $318.06 this month, and made a total of $176.11 from eBay selling (I sell more than just stuff from my closet ;)), and returned one of lasts month’s purchases for $39.00 (too tight on second thought). Total overall cost this month was $102.95.

Goals for next month? I think I’ll keep the number at 6. Maybe there will be some decent end-of-summer sales. Any fun purchases you’ve made recently?