Problems With Online Shopping

Some people love to go shopping and try things on. They somehow find it enjoyable… or even relaxing (gasp)! Personally, I hate it. Well, not hate-hate like how I feel about domestic violence or something, but you know what I mean. I was (again) unsuccessful at persuading myself to go to the mall this weekend, despite it being the last few days of Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale. I try not to think about the deals I missed out on. I’ll focus on the money I saved, lol.

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I much prefer online shopping. But sometimes, it just doesn’t work out so well. I’m ok with fit issues and predictable problems like that. But in the last week or two I’ve had especially bad luck. I’ve gotten a few cancellation emails. One that really bummed me out forย that Inhabit sweater from last month. I was really looking forward to that one! Other issues? That adorable Joie shirt that I got on eBay had a hole in it. Surprise surprise. My eBay experiences have been getting progressively worse. Deals aren’t good, and when you do find a “deal,” it turns out the item is defective. One day I’ll quit eBay altogether.

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The other problem I’ve run into recently is figuring out when to pull the trigger! I’m trying to be cautious and not buy anything and everything that catches my eye. But now I’ve run into the problem of not being able to go through with any purchases at all! I’m nervous that they’re not going to work out for one reason or another, and I’ll have wasted money.

easy petite looks blog pics...

My temporary solution to this problem is going to be to buy more items than I intend to keep. I’m hoping that this will make me try some items that I otherwise would have passed by. Maybe that item will be my new favorite, or maybe it’ll be horrible and get returned. Either way. My first contenders are Equipment’s stripe Brett blouse, Shane crew top, and fiery red Signature top. I obviously have an obsession with their stuff. They’re all on sale, of course. Next up with be beige pumps.