Nude Pump Replacements

Finding a perfect pair of nude pumps seems like an impossible task. When I first started searching for my first pair a few years ago, I can’t even tell you how many pairs I went tried. I ended up with Ann Taylor’s Perfect Pumps and J. Crew’s Mona pumps. Both were mid-height heels with an almond toe and no platform. They worked well and I wore them often. Now they’re both more than ready to be retired, but I have yet to find replacements! I have a few pairs on my radar.

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Ann Taylor’s pumps have probably been the most comfortable heels I’ve ever tried. I can easily wear them for 8-10 hour long work days with minimal soreness. Their current heel (wedge, actually) that’s catching my eye is the Regan Exotic Leather Wedge. These things are adorable!! I’ll be completely in love with them if they’re as comfortable as the perfect pumps. I just grabbed them during this 40% off sale. I’m so close to getting the Lara Leather Cap Toe Pumps, too. I’m curious to see them in real life after seeing them on Jean. They apparently look totally different than their online picture.

easy petite looks..
J. Crew seems to have replaced the Mona Pump with the Sloane Pump. That nude colored pair is stunning. Hopefully it looks just as good in real life! Will be trying these out as well come sale time.

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If none of those pairs work out, I always can fall back on Manolo’s BB Pump. I know these are comfortable, but they’re also crazy expensive. Especially for a plain beige heel. Maybe I’d grab the metallic nude instead. Now that is a stunning shoe! I wonder if they ever go on sale. Probably not, huh?

What’s on your shoe radar?