Clear Your Mind

I first did yoga back in college to fulfill a credit requirement for my major. My instructor was a lovely middle-aged women with the most toned body I’d ever seen. She was so sweet. She made me realize that yoga is so much more than a workout.

For those of you who aren’t too familiar with yoga, most instructors focus not only on the movements, but on thoughts and breathing as well. To be honest, the movements are a piece of cake compared to the mental aspect of yoga. During the sessions, they emphasize being aware and in control of your thoughts at all times. You reflect on your thoughts and feelings, and you let go of those thoughts that have no benefit to you. Clear your mind.

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I think that’s what makes yoga so relaxing for me. Sure, stretching and toning my muscles makes my body feel good, but letting go of stressful thoughts makes my mind feel good. Especially now-a-days. At work I have so many thoughts racing through my head. One second I’m worried about my pregnant clinic patient who continues to be physically abused by her husband. The next moment I’m thinking about what I’m going to say to the family of my dying patient. There’s always something stressful going on (of course!). At first I felt guilty for pushing those thoughts away when I left work. But its necessary to do. I can’t take care of patients well if I’m a frazzled mess.

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Well, the weekend is here again! This is the second weekend in a row that I have off, I couldn’t be more excited about it!! Its absolutely beautiful here right now. I’ll definitely need to spend a good amount of time outside. I’m also hoping that I’ll be able to convince myself to get out and go shopping (was unsuccessful at that last weekend)! Those summer items should be getting marked down pretty low by now. I’m thinking of doing a we will find it for J. Crew’s Eyelet dot tank (in navy or red), and Collection tee (in white or navy). Maybe they’re even cheaper in-store. That’s always nice!

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And Nordstrom Rack is, again, my goal destination. We didn’t have any in Wisconsin, so I’m not too familiar with the stuff they have. But I’ve heard good things. Theoretically, sometimes they have good deals on AGL flats, which have been my go-to work shoe (especially in the afternoons when my feet need recovery from my heels!). I’ve been looking at people’s shoes for some reason, and I’m a little surprised to see how many ladies are wearing these flats!  Weird that I didn’t hear about these earlier. I wonder what other good stuff they stock? I’m sure its probably different in every store. Well, if I don’t find anything, that’s a success too, I guess…

Have a wonderful weekend 🙂