back to the grind

One thing I appreciate about my residency program is that they try to spread our “easier” months out evenly over the year. So after a month or two of 80 hour/week wards, we get a nice 40-50 hour/week month to recover. I just finished mine. And it was amazing. I relaxed. I went out with friends. I saw my family. I got in shape (barre is an excellent workout). I kept extremely busy, but intentionally. I’m one of those people that always has to be doing something.

easy petite looks
I spent a good amount of time shopping, too. Online, mostly. And not very successfully, might I add. It all started out with a few orders of Equipment shirts, since I’ve been wearing them nonstop. I decided that I wasn’t in the mood for stripes, so that one went back without a second thought. The fiery red button down was a no-go, although I would have kept it if it was a little cheaper (surprisingly flattering on my skin tone, but $124 was steep). I was close to keeping the floral dot crew sweater. I even took a few pictures that I’ll post later on. But I just couldn’t justify the (sale) price. I think that money could be put to better use.

easy petite looks blog
Next I put in a huge Ann Taylor order. I was really really hoping that the nude wedges would work out as well as the perfect pumps, but I was sadly disappointed. My regular size 6 was too big. A half-size down was too small. Just can’t win sometimes. Oh well. On to J. Crew’s new Sloane pumps. High hopes for these. I’ve been saving my gift card for when they go on sale. Anytime now…

easy petite looks blog pics
The Ann Taylor dresses from my last post (dot one, black one, and other dot one) are actually the only things that have worked out so far this month, I think. I even returned an entire order from Crazy. I have a few eBay items on the way, though. Gosh, I really hope that they don’t have any unmentioned flaws.

easy petite looks pics
Is anyone else getting a little nervous that fall and winter are coming? It was so hot out today, but I’m still stressed that summer will be over before I know it. And then it’ll be fall… for about one week before winter comes and brings my annual depression with it. Why did I stay in the Midwest again? Hope your week is going well!!