August Shopping Summary

I didn’t have much shopping success last month. Three of the six items I bought ended up not working out. The Joie blouse from eBay had a hole (pain in the butt to return). My Inhabit sweater order got cancelled (quite disappointing). And those CW-X tights showed a little too much skin for my taste. So I stepped it up this month and rolled over those extra items and funds (9 items allowed this month now). There was a lot of buying and returning this month. The following items made the cut:

1. Ann Taylor Etched Dot Print Dress – Worn here. Love this dress. It fits great and is so flattering. I feel like its a little too short for work, but it will be acceptable with tights. Otherwise its a great weekend dress. Got it during the 40% off sale. $58.80

2. Ann Taylor Draped Cowl Neck Sheath Dress – This dress is also adorable. Just a great, simple little black dress. It’ll be perfect with tights and a cardigan in the fall and winter. Again, an extra inch would make this more work appropriate. But it’ll be fine with tights. Got it during the 40% off sale. $58.80

3. Ann Taylor Mini Dot Print Twist Wrap Jersey Dress – This dress is so cute! I had a thing for dots this month, apparently. I love the 3/4 sleeve and the simple, classic style. It fits similarly to the other two dresses, but I actually think its a tad longer (yay!). A wonderful dress for work. And with the extra 60% off sale, it was super cheap. $27.99

august purchases
4. Equipment Signature Shirt in Cantelope – I buy equipment shirts whenever I can find them for a decent price. I absolutely love their fit and fabric. The drape is perfect for layering, but the shirts can still be tucked in for a more professional look. Sadly, this one is the only one I found this month for a reasonable price. I’m completely happy with it, and the color is stunning! It would actually be perfect for spring and summer, but it’ll definitely get some good use this fall and winter, too. $75.97

5. Loro Piana Black Scarf – I don’t know when I first starting eBay searching Loro Piana scarves. Or why. But since I picked up my first one years ago, I’ve been searching for them ever since. The colors are saturated and gorgeous (you can even tell the difference in the black). The cashmere-silk blend is amazing. No rashes or irritation on my angry, sensitive skin. Worth it if you can find them for a reasonable price.$135.50

6. Haute Hippie Shirt – Not sure why I was drawn to this pattern. I’d been watching it on eBay for quite some time before pulling the trigger. I’m glad I did, though. The colors are just stunning. It’ll be the perfect fall blouse. $74.98

7. Thakoon Top – This was an impulse buy, but I do like it. I found it at a nearby discount store. The pattern is so unique and the fit is pretty good. Sorry, no link for this one. I’m sure its seasons old! I’ll post pics eventually 😉 $45.00

8. J. Crew Minnie Pants in Pinot Noir – These haven’t arrived yet, but I’m pretty sure they’ll be keepers. I love all of my Minnie pants and wear them quite often. The color will be great for fall. And they were on pretty decent sale. A solid purchase. $52.12

Aaaaaand, the pending items: J. Crew Sloane Patent Pumps in Soft Desert & J. Crew Everly Pumps in Metallic Blush. Hopefully one of these works out. Then I’ll have hit my item max for the month!

The total spent not including the J. Crew shoes is $529.26. I set my monthly budget at $400.00. I had $330.04 rollover from last month, and I made $397.32 from selling.  The total rollover for next month: $598.10. And no items on my wishlist! I’m sure something will catch my eye soon. Who doesn’t like fall fashion? Feel free to comment on your favorite purchases!