Not a Night Owl

I’m working nights shifts again this week. The last time I worked nights was a couple of months ago (in the ICU). Those night shifts were rough. I tried to act happy at work, but I really just felt sick, tired, depressed and oddly hungry all the time. I did notice that my nasty green juice I drank helped me feel better. This time around I’ll also try to snack on more fruits and veggies and get a few barre and yoga workouts in. I’m amazed at how much better I feel since I’ve been doing those classes. I have so much more energy!

Since I’m back to daily scrubs, my desire to go fall clothes shopping has dwindled a bit. Which is probably a good thing. I’ve already met my shopping limit for the month. I grabbed this black Loro Piana scarf on eBay a while ago for a great price. Absolutely love her scarves. Also picked up another Equipment shirt on eBay (cantaloupe is such a pretty pink!).

And I have a few items on the way yet. Since J. Crew has a 25% off anything sale going on, I figured it was a good time to check out the Sloane pump in that soft desert color. I also tossed the Everly mirror pumps in metallic blush into the order, just because that color looks amazing and reminds me of these Manolo BB pumps that I’ve been coveting for ages. Oh yeah, I added the Minnie pants in pinot noir to that order, too. Just in case the shoes don’t work out…


~ Shirt: J. Crew (size 0) ~ Pants: J. Crew (size 25) ~ Shoes: Ann Taylor (old, but these are similar) ~ Bag: Givenchy (the smooth version) ~

Well, I suppose I should go make the most of today! Workout, grocery shopping, reading… all good things to do, right? If it wasn’t supposed to be 100 degrees out I would make a nice drip down to the lake. Or go to the State Fair, which is apparently going on this week. I’m sure the weather isn’t keeping everyone from heading out there. Luckily, I’m sure I’ll get to hear all about the fair when my patients are admitted after eating too much, drinking too much, and walking too much in the hot sun. What better combination for a good old heart failure exacerbation?

 Have a good week 🙂