What Sales?

I had grand plans for my day off yesterday. I was going to blog, of course! And catch up on my blog reading. I was going to sell some stuff on eBay for a few extra dollars. I was going to finally try a new recipe that wasn’t a smoothie. And I was going to get outside and take a walk around the lakes. Well, I did none of those things. Zero. I pretty much just slept off and on all day and got Indian takeout sometime during those brief awake periods.

easy petite looks blog
Sleeping away a day isn’t all bad. Sure, I wish I was more productive. But I’ll (hopefully) be more productive all week, now. See? I even started out today by blogging. I really just wanted an excuse to finally wear this darn skirt (that needs to be steamed again).  I wonder if I can get away with wearing it into the fall. I know linen is a summer fabric, but is anyone really going to notice? Or care? Will I even care if they notice or care? Uh, probably not. Ok then.

easy petite looks
Have you found any good deals recently? I’m surprised at the lack of good summer sales. Usually July is a huge sale time with lots of deals to be had. I know Nordstrom is having their anniversary sale coming up, so maybe I’ll swing by and see if there’s anything good. But otherwise, I guess I’ll be saving my pennies. There’s no shortage of wishlist items I could start thinking about, I suppose. Like outerwear. 😉 I’ll never stop thinking about the black trench coat until I finally get one. But I was browsing through the new colors and styles, and I’ve fallen in love with this “seed brown” coat, too. Adore the big collar. Probably will never get it, but I’ll sure stare at it for a while. Oh, and I’m still waiting for the waxed cotton jacket to go on sale. Or for the Bloomingdales F&F to arrive again. Those sales seem to occur pretty frequently, so I’m not worried.

easy petite looks pics
I should be good and save up for a new PC, phone and DSLR, instead. I don’t plan on buying replacements until I need them, but I want to have a “just in case” fund so I don’t have to worry when they eventually do stop working. Its so stressful when your electronics die and you don’t have money saved for a replacement. We’re all so dependent on technology now-a-days!!

Happy Monday Tuesday!! Hope your week is off to a great start!