just a few tears

Today I was able to breathe a little sigh of relief. My week of night float is over (more on that later!). And, I finally got paid!! I got hit hard with the shopping bug today, but luckily I’ve been too drowsy to do too much damage. But, I did manage to snag J. Crew’s linen skirt (x2)!! I got the beige and the navy. Somebody must have just made a return, because these were the only two left. I had to get them!

easy petite looks4
So that’s already 2/6 items for this month. Now I need to slow down and think about what I’ll actually use the most. Outerwear always tops that list, although its hard to think about in this hot and humid weather! Since early spring I’ve had a few jackets on my radar. Barbour’s Beadnell jacket seems like a great choice. Its warmer and more substantial than similar styles (like J. Crew’s downtown field jacket), but its still good-looking enough to get a lot of wear. I also have been looking at black raincoats, but I really don’t know how much I want to invest in one at this point. I think outdoorsy brands like The North Face have pretty and functional rain coats, but they just don’t have the classic lines and beauty of the darn Burberry trench. I think if I started saving right now that I’d be able to save up for one by the fall, but I’m not sure its worth it right now. Maybe an amazing deal will pop up on eBay. You never know!

easy petite looks3
// T by Alexander Want Top, XS // Inhabit Cardigan, P (old) // Express Shorts, 0 (old) // Fendi Bag // Kate Spade Pumps, 6.5 //

Quick subject change. I know there are a lot of ladies that read this blog that are in medicine or similarly difficult fields. Throughout medical school we rarely, if ever, talked about the stress we were under with each other. It was almost like if you said it, that made you weak. Nobody wanted that! But I’ve since quit caring what people think, and I’ve bluntly shared my feelings with my fellow residents. I shared how I’ve felt depressed this past week. And how I’ve been constantly stressed about making a “wrong decision.”  Between the lack of sleep and the feelings of inadequacy, I’ve wondered why I decided to go into medicine in the first place. Well, turns out we all feel like this. So if anybody you know feels like this too (or you), tell them its normal. And this too shall pass 🙂 Happy Monday!