//JUNE// Curb Consumerism Challenge Summary

June has been a month of changes for me. In the beginning of the month I moved away from family and friends and built a new home in Minneapolis. I started residency and was (of course) thrown in the medical ICU right off the bat. Talk about scary. With all of this happening, I set my goal purchase number at a lenient 8.  Well, I didn’t really have much time to shop, and I was am running extremely low on funds with all of the hidden fees of moving and starting a new job (like how my promised “free parking” was $50), but here are the things I managed to snag:

curbing consumerism help

  1. Attilio Giusti Leombruni Toe Cap Flats – I found this pair on eBay for 50% off and snagged them. They’re still on the Nordstrom site for full price. I stretched these out a little with two pairs of slightly damp socks and my hair dryer. They are wear-all-day comfortable. I put up a review here. Cost: $150
  2. Yves Saint Laurent Black Cardigan – This was another eBay find. Its a cozy silk-cashmere blend and features a perfect, flattering cut. Not disappointed with this one at all! I see myself wearing it over and over, which helps justify the price (don’t look…) Cost: $205
  3. Attilio Giusti Leombruni Toe Cap Flats, pair 2 – Well, I loved my first pair of these so much that I got another pair from the same eBay seller (which is totally atypical for me!). These are extremely similar in color to those beige ones, but have a gold cap toe. Very pretty. Love them. Got complements on them the first day I wore them. I’ve already worn them a few more times and am so happy with them. (Wore them HERE) Cost: $150
  4. Beauty Blender – These are apparently one of the cool new things amongst the beauty bloggers. Maybe you’ve seen them… they’re the bright pink overpriced egg-shaped foam thingies. I got mine from Amazon (came in a 2-pack) because they’re a few bucks cheaper than at Sephora, Zappos or Nordstrom. I did check out the reviews on the various retailer sites and they were universally positive. And I have nothing but good things to say about them, too. They quickly and easily blend any concealer, foundation or cream blush and are latex free and washable. They actually save me a minute or two every morning. Why didn’t I invent these? Cost: $23
  5. Adriano Goldschmied Stilt Roll-up Jeans  – AG is my favorite brand for denim. They are especially flattering on shorter women, and have different lengths, like these cropped or “roll-up” skinnies. The inseam is actually 27″ which makes them closer to ankle length for me. They can be rolled up for the summer, rolled down in the fall, and under boots in the winter. No hemming required. Cost: $39
  6. Attilio Guisti Leombruni Toe Cap Flats, pair 3 – I had to do it… I love this color combination! The black cap toe makes these the perfect flats to wear with black pants when I don’t want to wear an 100% black flat. They look classy and gorgeous and I just can’t get enough of that soft leather! Cost: $150
  7. J. Crew Liberty Perfect Shirt – Its been quite some time since my last J. Crew purchase. I planned on stopping in the store just to get a feel for how big it was and what it carried. I tried on a few things I liked (reviews tab above) and just couldn’t pass up this top. The pattern is adorable and the colors are great for any time of the year. And it was a great deal 😉 Cost: $30
Lets see, that brings my June total to almost $750. And that has successfully drained everything I made from my selling. I don’t have a set budget yet for July’s purchases. I’m trying to save about $800 per month for my car (the goal is to pay 100% in cash), but I’m not sure yet how much that will leave for fun spending (unsure of monthly expenditures for food, gas, utilities, etc). Well, items-wise I’ll set a July goal of 6. What are your July goals?