Improve your strengths

Have you heard the saying, improve your strengths, not your weaknesses? I’m more familiar with the opposite, actually. When I was younger, people always told me to focus on improving my weaknesses. Study the hardest for the subject you’re doing the worst at in school. Practice the skills that you’re most lacking in sports. But now that I’m older, I’m starting to believe that improving my strengths is the way to go. If I focus on improving my weaknesses, I’ll be mediocre at everything. That won’t get me far. If I focus on improving my strengths, I’ll have something that stands out, and a solid base from which to expand.

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This philosophy can be implemented in many areas of life. Take something as simple as fashion. Nobody does everything well. But some people do certain things very well, and stand out because of that. Take Jean and Kelly as examples. Jean wears the pencil skirt (and similar styles) better than anyone I’ve ever seen. She looks trim and polished every time (see her donning J. Crew’s classic mini in felted wool, now $17.99, in this post). And nobody does blazers and vests as well as Kelly does. Check her out in her Banana Republic vest (now sold out) in this post!

easy petite look pics blog
Personally, I can’t claim to do anything amazingly well in the fashion area. I’m okay with that. But I do have my two go-to looks that I think I do acceptably well (I’m still working on them). Look one would have to be J. Crew’s minnie pants with an Equipment button down shirt. I wear that outfit to work all the time. Look two consists of a high waisted skirt (like this one from J. Crew) with a basic tee (by Alexander Wang or Inhabit). Once you find your go-to look, you can perfect it and rely on it, or you can branch out and make changes, little by little.  If we do this instead of trying every new style that pops up, we’ll end up with a wardrobe that we feel more comfortable with. We’ll feel less of a need to continue buying new items in order to find the “right” piece. And we will look good in what we wear. Easier said than done! I was going to expand this post to include non-fashion stuff, but I’ve already rambled enough!

What look(s) do you do especially well??