Fitness Tips for Busy People

[cc_blockquote_right]Its so easy to put off working out until life ‘slows down,’ but we all know how great of an idea that is!![/cc_blockquote_right]For most of us, staying in shape is a challenge even when we’re not super busy. So during times of intense work schedules, staying fit can seem impossible. Try these tips if you’re too busy to get any intense, regular workouts in.

#1 Be realistic. If you’re short on time, set achievable goals. You’re probably not going to be in the best shape of your life. That’s ok. Just make simple goals, like maintaining an overall healthy state and not putting on extra pounds.

#2 Realize that your diet counts for a lot. And I mean a lot! Honestly, if you’re going to focus on eating well or working out, choose eating well. Exercise helps, but too many of us will burn 50 calories during a workout and use that to justify eating 300 extra calories that day! I use Weight Watchers (I don’t always stay within my points, but at least I’m very aware of when I’ve been eating poorly). I also try to stock up on fresh fruits and veggies and smoothie supplies (still trying new smoothie recipes).  Find what works for you!

#3 Workouts at work. Obviously you can’t do anything that makes you sweaty and gross, but try to spend a total of 10-20 minutes per day doing something active. I take the stairs, for example. I try to climb 8 flights of stairs at least five times per day. It gets my heart rate up and my blood flowing. It also helps me wake up.

how to stay fit when you're busy

#4 Make mini workout goals. I make weekly goals for myself and focus on one area of my body that’s bugging me. For instance, if I feel like my arms need toning, I’ll do arm exercises once or twice daily for that week.

#5 Make your workouts multitask! For example, if I’m working on toning my arms for the week, I’ll try to pick exercises that work other parts of my body as well (planks, squats w/ arm work, kettlebell swings, etc). The best affordable equipment I’ve found are kettlebells, the magic circle, resistance bands and a good mat.

#6 Bribe yourself with something. Not food, lol! Ok, maybe just once in a while ;). Find something small that works for you. Maybe get yourself some new workout gear (I just grabbed this Under Armour tank top) or a nail polish or something.

#7 Have others help you. If you have a day off, definitely try to get out with your friends/ family so you feel like a human! Try to plan something active. Take a walk around the lake. Or rent a kayak and paddle around the lake! Play some tennis like Phiphi. Or try a drop-in class for yoga. There’s always something you can do with a friend!

#8 Recognize when you’ve pushed yourself too hard. Sometimes your body just needs to sleep. If you can’t remember driving home, you probably should just get some sleep. Getting sick will not make anything better.

#9 Make plans to kick-start your fitness when you have time! Have an easier month or two coming up? There’s no better time to jump-start your fitness routine! Try a new pilates class. Or do a 6 week long boot camp. If you’re in a relatively large city, check out Groupon or Living Social for some awesome deals. I’m doing barre classes right now and am loving it!

Hope some of these tips help you 🙂