Does this ever happen to you?

Are you the type of person that makes wishlists? I definitely am. I have extensive wishlists for all sorts of things like fashion goodies, house stuff, restaurants to try… that’s what I do when I don’t have money. I dream on paper. But sometimes, when I do eventually get money to spend, I second guess all of my wishlist stuff and end up not buying anything.

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That’s where I’m at right now. I’m actually trying to convince myself to buy some stuff. But I just keep putting off buying. I mean, I even put off purchasing light bulbs for my lamps, leaving only 1 of 4 lamps with working bulbs. Don’t worry, I eventually bought them. After I searched in multiple stores and online for the cheapest ones. But I really should get at least a few things, like those plush towels (cozy!!) and a room divider to make a little secluded litter box area. But what color towels? There are so many to choose from! And can I really get away with this printed room divider in such a small space? Or should I get a plain one? One with borders? See? I’m losing it. I just don’t want to waste money now that I have a little of it!

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Maybe my lack of sleep is contributing to my craziness.  My sleep pattern is very off from those night shifts. Additionally, the last two days have been busy. We admitted 9 super sick patients to the ICU on our call day yesterday. We had a nice variety of social statuses, from famous celebrity parents to fugitives from jail. At least that made it interesting.

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 Alright, I swear I’ll get to answering comments one day. Disqus is actually pretty hard for me to use on my phone. I’ve tried to reply to people multiple times and it clears my responses for some reason. Maybe I’m doing something wrong or only half paying attention. Oh well. I’ll have a day off on the 15th. I’ll do it then. Can’t wait!! Hope you’re having a good week!!

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// Tibi Dress, XS (eBay) // Kate Spade Pumps, 6.5 // Fendi Bag //