Crying at Work

Before work really seems like the best time to take blog pictures. My eyes are puffy, but my makeup is fresh and those under eye circles are covered! I have the true bedhead hair, which sometimes looks acceptable when I wake up (and other times not so much).  There are no people out to ask me what I’m doing (it seems obvious, right? I’m taking pictures of myself…). And, I get to see people do stupid things, like going the wrong way down this one-way street.  Or doing the walk of shame (aka, the “morning after” walk home… wearing last night’s not-so-day-appropriate clothes).


Its so hot out during the day that it’s usually still warm in the mornings. (It was warm the morning I took these pictures, so I’m not quite sure why I have goosebumps. Ah well.) My summer go-to outfit has emerged as these shorts with either a button down shirt or a casual tee. Equipment makes my favorite shirts ever, especially their signature shirt. They also make a beautiful collarless blouse that I haven’t been lucky enough to get my hands on. And Alexander Wang makes my favorite tee’s. I’m in love with both their classic tee and their muscle tee (hehe, me in a muscle tee). Any time I find either of these on sale in a classic (aka: drab) color I snatch it up!! Hopefully I come across a good sale soon.


I’ve actually been writing this post over the last three days. I usually come home and do about 30 minutes of something on the blog before I go to bed. But my mind has been slow. Although I do feel like I’ve been a bit more competent at work, it definitely has not gotten any easier. Today we had a family meeting with a patient who was on her last leg health-wise, but had a clear-as-day mind. With family all there, she was able to tell us that she didn’t want to fight anymore. She’ll likely dye in the next few days. I was bawling. Couldn’t help it. I’ve been working with her and her family every day for the past three weeks. They’re such nice people. I must keep myself together!!


Well, on a happy and superficial note, I made my third purchase of the month, which was an awesome deal!! I did a “we will find it” for J. Crew’s super cozy short sleeve sweatshirt. I tried this on earlier and loved it and was waiting for a sale. Well, sale hit! They were priced at $11.99 in store, but were sold out of my size. So I had a lovely sales associate fill out the WWFI thing. Unfortunately, she put in the wrong size. But fortunately, she also put in the incorrect payment info, so I was able to call and get this all sorted out quite easily. This must be the only time when making two mistakes is better than one…

// Madewell Shirt (their current floral shirts here and here) // Express Shorts // Celine Bag //
Alright, I hope you’re having a great weekend!! I can’t wait until Monday for a day off. I’m totally wiped out! I can’t wait to dig into my massive blogs-to-read list. I’ll probably just be jealous of all of you cute people who are enjoying yourselves this summer 😉