Welcome to my studio :: the closet

I got a few requests to see pictures of my little studio. Since nothing else is fully decorated or organized, why don’t we start off with the closet? Its not overly thrilling. But I like seeing the products of other people’s organizational skills, so maybe other people like to see that stuff, too. Here we are:

my studio closet
See that cute little “stinky cat” at the bottom? Well, I was putting together pictures for this post when that cute little fuzzy thing decided to take a huge stinky poop in her litter  box. This is unpleasant when you live in a studio and your desk is literally one inch away from the litter box. Yuck. But she looks cute, right? Not sure why I told that story.

Anyway, more about the closet. These are all of my clothes, minus about 5 bulky winter sweaters that are residing under the bed. Its really not that much. To the right of the tops are shorts, skirts, cropped pants, pants and dresses. To the left of the tops are worn clothes. It might seem weird to re-hand worn clothes, but I usually don’t dry clean or wash things after every wear. I’ve found that if I steam the stuff with this steamer it looks and smells like new. So I steam everything once every week or two. Or when I run out of clothes.

my shoes
I have a pretty boring shoe collection compared to most people. But these are the shoes that I get the most use out of. Everything else has been sold over the years. That pair of clogs on the lower right is the oldest pair in the bunch. Those things are from high school. I remember I got them for about $30 and was so excited! They last for ever and are so comfy and broken in. Oh, and notice those two beautiful pairs of AGL flats? Well, I’m embarrassed to say that I got another pair of them. But they’re a totally different color (justification)!! And I’m in love with how comfy they are. I could see myself eventually get them in every color that exists. I’ve been reaching for them over and over.

coat closet
And lastly we have my little coat collection. I knew that my coat closet was pretty tiny, so I sold every coat that I wasn’t in love with. I’m left with my warmest-ever winter coat, (going on 4+ years old and will soon need to be replaced with a more current version), my J. Crew trench, a cheap utility jacket, my old and new (#1 and #2) Burberry jackets, and my old soft shell camping jackets. I’ll hopefully be adding a few more jackets in the next few months. Its certainly cold enough here to get some good use out of all of them!

Thanks for reading!! I promise to post more exciting pics in the future 🙂