The First Day

Well, my first week of residency has come and gone. Starting out in the ICU was rough. I felt like I didn’t know anything. Even simple things like placing orders was a challenge at first. People were telling me to put in orders for this and that and I was thinking, “well, I could certainly try if I could get this darn log-in to work…”

But I’ve already learned a lot. I’ve even placed my first arterial and central lines! I’ve read a few hundred pages of ICU “basics” and am feeling a little more competent. I’m planning on reading a few hundred more pages tomorrow (my one day off this week) so I can have a bit more knowledge before starting my night shifts next week. Oh, how I hate working nights. I try so hard to have good sleep habits!

I wear scrubs to work nearly every day. Its nice to not have to worry about getting some sort of weird fluid on my dry-clean only clothes, you know? And I don’t really have a whole lot of summer clothes anyway, which is why you’ve seen me wear this dress over and over, and now as a skirt. 🙂 I’m really hoping to score this J. Crew skirt on sale somewhere. I tried it on a while back and loved it, and never noticed that it made it to the sale section. And now its sold out. Totally bummed about that. I’ve been thinking that I should probably invest in just a few summer items, I guess. On top of that skirt, I’ve been back and forth on getting this silk-linen tee. That fabric content sounds amazing, but I’m wondering if it would be too transparent. A lightweight draped cardigan like this one is also on my radar, but I sometimes find draped clothes a bit annoying (they seem to never fall right!).

Gah, its almost the end of the month!! I’ve been doing awesome on my curbing consumerism challenge (8 items this month), partially because I have no money left and don’t get paid until next week (I don’t use credit). And I might just keep my buying relatively low for the entire summer so I can save up for a new PC. I’m not someone that replaces electronics if they’re not 100% broken, but this one is getting a little old and cranky and doesn’t like to turn on sometimes. Hopefully I can use it for a while yet… fingers crossed!! So many expenses have added up since I stopped working 4 years ago to go to med school. Car, PC, healthcare stuff… not fun! Save save save, Amber.

// J. Crew Dress, XS // J. Crew Top (old) // Balenciaga Bag (pre-owned) //

I hope you all have a nice weekend! I’ll get to your comments ASAP. I love reading them and I appreciate you taking the time to comment 🙂