More Than I Could Ask For

*Warning… this might be one of my happiest posts. Ever. Its disgusting.*

I was obviously feeling stressed and a bit sad after I made my move to Minneapolis, but I’ve since taken control of my emotions and am loving this city! Its so beautiful in the summer, as much of the Midwest is. There are people outside walking and biking everywhere (I had no idea it was one of the most active cities in the US)!! The grocery stores around me are wonderful (I have 6 pieces of delicious baklava in the freezer now) and the restaurants are amazing. There are salons and yoga studios on practically every street in my community, and I can’t wait to start using my Pilates Groupon!

by the water1
And, my studio is finally starting to come together!  I received this stunning leather mirror and this bold hippie rug to help complement my lighter brown furniture and bamboo room divider. Now I just need to find some wall decor and the room will be ready for pictures! I mentioned this lovely desk in a previous post. I’m running low on my allotted decorating fund, so I picked up this cozy shag rug for a great price, and I’m using a silver stability ball as my office chair (which theoretically burns some calories just by sitting on it). The work space is also in need of some good wall art, but is otherwise looking beautiful! The “sleeping area,” aka bed and end-table-turned-nightstand, definitely needs some work. I don’t really have any ideas nor much money left to give it a lift. I got this textured comforter and this funny shaped lamp to give the room a little personality (both on the way). And hopefully this bloom wave wall decal will be easy enough to put up above the bed. We shall see how it goes.

by the water5
As far as work goes, I couldn’t ask for more. I feel so lucky to be in such a friendly work environment. The people around me love teaching, and I love learning. They feed us… get this… not once, but twice per day at breakfast and noon conferences. And they give us food money for the cafeteria. We don’t get paid much, but we have good benefits and a 457 plan, which seems to be the most amazing retirement plan ever. I don’t have to pay social security tax and they match my retirement contributions. I’m honestly still ecstatic. Good day today. Those don’t come by too often. I hope you had a great day, too 🙂

by the water2
// Burberry Jacket, 2 (pre-owned) // T by Alexander Wang Top, xs // Adriano Goldschmied Jeans, 25 (pre-owned)// AGL flats, 36 (pre-owned)// Balenciaga Bag (pre-owned)