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If you have some free time this summer, consider searching eBay for some nice deals. Summer selling is always slow on eBay because many people are just doing other things (hanging out with kids because school’s out, going on vacations, etc). Sellers still have to move inventory, which means great prices for you! I just grabbed a pair of AG stilt jeans in a beautiful dark wash (that will be perfect for fall and winter) for less than $40 shipped.

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Has it been nasty muggy-hot by anyone else? We had a huge storm this past weekend that actually uprooted trees. If you follow me on twitter, you probably saw the huge tree that fell on a nice truck a few blocks away from my place. Yikes. Poor guy. That really stinks. People everywhere were cleaning up branches and trees. It was a mess. And it still is super humid and hot out. Isn’t rain supposed to fix that?

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My first paycheck is getting closer and closer! Thank goodness. Its been so long since I’ve actually been paid for a job. Student loan money is obviously a necessity, but actually getting a salary is an amazing feeling. At least for me. Maybe the feeling will wear off quickly. My first purchases are going to be fluffy spa towels, a little inspirational wall art and this stunning bamboo room divider to separate my bed and the cat tree/ poop box. Its never fun to have to brush litter off of the bed. Yuck.

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// J. Crew Tunic (old) // Ann Taylor Belt (old) // Express Shorts (love their crocheted pair from this year!!) // Celine Bag // Kate Spade Wedges, 6.5 // J. Crew Necklace (old) //
I’m writing this post right before I have to start my rotation in the medical ICU. I’m probably there as you’re reading this, actually. We don’t get a whole lot of time off during residency, so my posts might become more sporadic before I get the hang of my schedule. Or maybe I’ll just fall into a nice pattern right away. I could only hope. Well, stay out of the hospital, guys. The new interns are infiltrating the system, haha!!