Geometric Prints

I took this dress to my tailor last fall and completely forgot about it. Just recently, Mr. Tailor finally called me saying it was done (I checked in for the first few months but he hadn’t gotten to it). I love the print just as much as I did when I first bought it. Geometric prints can be hard to get right. Some are too busy (like this one), some are a little too plain (like so), and some are just odd (yikes). The overall look has to suit your mood and personality. I love many of the prints by Missoni (mainly classic chevron) and Marni (everything from florals to geometrics to polka dots), and I’ve found some awesome deals for them on eBay, like the one I’m wearing below!

Oh yes,  a quick work on the  J. Crew Tartine Purse. Its a cute little thing, but too small for my needs. It has an interior pocket but is otherwise open. The leather is pretty stiff and structured. It doesn’t seem like it would scratch too easily, though. The strap is longer than I’d like. Its adjustable, but only a little bit. It would be a reasonable sale purchase, but definitely not full price.

I’m winding down the pictures I still have from my Wisconsin home! Sad. 🙁 I haven’t found a good place to take pictures near my new apartment. There are people everywhere! Maybe I’ll just have to get used to that and ignore them again. I got so used to living in a house with a huge back yard! Any tips for finding secluded areas in the city?

// Marni Dress, 38 (pre-owned; still available in a tank) // ETRO cardigan (pre-owned) // Pour la Victoire Wedges, 6 // J. Crew Bag //

Have a great weekend!