Attilio Giusti Leombruni Toe Cap Ballet Flat Review

I recently posted on the most comfortable shoe brands and Attilio Giusti Leombruni (also known as AGL) made the list. Many people haven’t heard of this brand, and it can be somewhat difficult to find. They’re sold at Nordstrom, and you can occasionally find them at Nordstrom Rack or on eBay. The shoes run around $300 per pair, which is obviously quite pricy for flats. I remember trying them on months ago and thinking that they were super comfy with their butter-soft leather. I passed due to the price. Fast forward a few months and I actually found my wishlist pair for 50% off on eBay! I got them. I love them.

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Here’s the review:

  • Sizing – the Nordstrom site says that these run true to size and that the leather will stretch with wear. I found this to be the case. I’m a true size 6. I bought a 36 and they fit perfectly. They do fit snug at first, but not so much that they dig into my heel or scrunch my toes. Insole measures 9.5″ and the width at the toe box is 3″
  • Quality – you know, the quality is excellent and makes other designer (ex: CL) look cheap. The leather is nothing short of amazing. Its so soft! Its saturated and beautiful, and the patent is luxurious looking. The leather lining and sole are nice and smooth. I love that there’s a short heel and that there’s a rubber insert in the sole to prevent slippage. They’re actually made in Italy, which is nice
  • Comfort – I have high expectations for shoes because I’m on my feet so much. These are wonderful. When I first put them on they felt snug everywhere, but not uncomfortably so. Its like they’re hugging your feet. I can wear them all day with no blisters or sore spots. The short heel evens out the pressure points on my foot and I don’t get a sore heel like I do with a lot of flats after a full day’s use. These are honestly the most comfortable flats I have for extended wear, short of my Danskos, which are just a bit less attractive 😉 Here are some pictures to help!

Attilio Giusti Leombruni Flat Review

I honestly cannot recommend these enough. As somebody that struggles with finding comfortable shoes, finding this brand was a lifesaver. I already have them in two three colors (these, these and a gold/nude pair) and I’ll be on the lookout for more if I can ever find them reasonably priced. I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll come across the black flats or wedges sometime soon! I’ll check out the Nordstrom Rack around here after I get paid. Until then I’ll wear out the ones I have.