anyone good at interior decorating?

Thanks again to the ladies that participated in the challenge! The winner of the $50 was the adorable Kimmie… congrats!! Find her blog here!

This month I plan on increasing my purchase limit to 8. Its a huge jump, but I just want to make sure to allow myself enough leeway to buy anything I need for work. I’m still thinking about those comfy AGL flats. I’m really going to need more wear-all-day flats so I don’t resort to wearing my Danskos every day. I also want to invest in a few more cardigans, especially a black one. But why is it so difficult to find a basic black cardigan in a comfy and non-fading fabric? Everything I’m finding is crazy expensive! Gah, I need one! Cardigans are my best friend at work, I’m always cold!

You know what’s exciting? Finding clothes you forgot you had… and finding that they still fit! I went over to my parents house the other day because I knew that I’d left things there from a few years ago when I was staying at both my house and their house (my house was a 60 minute commute to work and theirs was a 10 minute commute). I found a bunch of things I didn’t know I missed! Pants, tops, cardigans… it was all there waiting for me. I’m actually selling about half of it, but its pretty cool to have ~8 “new” items in my closet for free! Too bad there wasn’t a black cardigan.

// ETRO Cardigan (pre-owned) // Helmut Lang Top (pre-owned) // J. Crew Pants, 25 // Pour la Victoire Wedges (tts for me)// Balenciaga Bag (pre-owned) //

On a different note, who knew that decorating a studio would be so difficult? I actually thought that I was pretty good at interior design, you know, being the daughter of two architects and all. But this apartment is so different than anything I’ve ever lived in. I’m lost. I can’t even figure out a good layout. I really want to make this little place into a home but I just don’t know where to start! Any advice is appreciated (as always!).