All Moved In

I’m not sure why, but this plaid shirt didn’t get much wear this past winter… so I’m bringing it back out! I know the print doesn’t scream summer or anything, but I think I can get away with it. I mean, its not like I’m sporting a neon cutout mini dress or something. I was wondering, why is plaid such a seasonal print? Maybe because its associated with flannel?

I can’t remember if I mentioned that I found these AGL flats on eBay a little while back. They were a little used, but I don’t mind. They were likely customer returns because the fit on them was a little off (one was a little more snug than the other). But with two pairs of slightly damp socks and a hairdryer, I got them stretched out so they’re now even and super comfy. That’s such a great way to break in flats! If only I could find those black wedges at over 50% off…

On a more personal note, I’m finally permanently moved in to my new place. It was a rough few days, but the kittens and I made it. Oh my gosh, you should have heard them crying in the car. It was awful. For 5.5 hours. And I was struggling myself having to leave my family, friends and SO. And when we got here it was so empty, other than two couches and an unmade bed. So for the past couple of days I’ve been putting together the furniture that I pre-ordered from Overstock. I ordered a ton from them, let me tell you. This is the desk I got, which took me 4 hours to put together… with power tools. I struggled, but I’m using it right now and it looks awesome! I also got this fair trade bamboo room divider, which looks beautiful and gives my small space a more luxurious feel. I thought about getting a cheaper alternative, but figured my fur-balls would destroy anything if they could! There are a few more things on the way yet that I can’t wait to get!

// J. Crew Shirt (old) // Zinc Shorts (super old) // Inhabit Cardigan, S (amazing cashmere, on sale here and here) plus $20 off with code elegance) // AGL Flats, 36 (true to size or slightly large) //

I’m nervous about starting my training tomorrow! I actually get the weekend off because I’m not “technically” working yet (first paid day is on Monday). It’ll be nice to get a chance to explore the area a bit before I get tossed into the ICU! Hope you’re all doing well this week!