Mmmmm, smells like Maui

This is my Maui dress. I wore this thing over and over when I was there. And I haven’t stopped loving it since I got back. I have to be honest, I have yet to wash it. It smells like beach and I don’t want to lose that amazing smell (yes, I’m weird).

J. Crew Amie Dress in Stripe
You know, I finally graduate next week. I picked up my cap and gown the other day and boy, do I look silly in them. I’ll have to take pictures for you guys. Now I have to figure out what to wear under it, though. I just won a little black dress on eBay today and hopefully that will fit. Should I get a backup? Nah, I’ll just wear this dress again, ha! Genius.

striped dress2
// J. Crew Dress, xs (sometimes sold out online but its still in stores) //
// Inhabit Cardigan, p (old) //
// Abercrombie Kids Sandals (old) //
// Fendi Chameleon, large //
Yesterday I almost gave in to the “I don’t really need this, but its such a great deal!” trap. I didn’t, but it was darn close. I keep thinking that if I sell enough, maybe I’ll be able to afford a nice black trench. Seriously, that would be the perfect addition to my outerwear collection right now. I keep thinking of everything I could wear it with. What is your big wishlist item right now?