Its so empty now

Its been an intense few weeks of wardrobe clean-out. As I’ve mentioned, I’m trying to accomplish a few things with my selling:

  • Make extra (or “just enough”) money to cover moving expenses.
  • Remove every single item I don’t want to wear right now. Any ill-fitting item. Any piece with irreversible damage. Any non-flattering color. Anything that’s hard to pair with an outfit. This is all closet clutter.
  • Consequently, be able to fit everything that’s left in one small closet (that’s all I get) and have no problems making flattering outfits every day.

spring cleaning

Above is the aftermath for tops. I’ve also sold over half of my pants and shoes. Its now much easier to observe my wardrobe deficiencies.

I’ve made a few purchases so far this month to fill in those gaps. I’ve decided I’m keeping the Kate Spade pumps I mentioned in a previous post. They’re just gorgeous, are actually pretty comfy with inserts, and will easily dress up any outfit. I plan on wearing them to graduation on Friday with a black DVF dress I picked up on eBay (essentially this one but with 3/4 sleeves). Those are the only two items I’ve received so far this month, but I have a few others on the way that I’m super excited about!! Thanks for reading, happy Thursday 🙂