I failed.

Yesterday it was cold and rainy. Today it was warm and rainy. But its not that nice summer rain. Its yucky and humid and I feel all clammy. I’m surprised my hair didn’t turn into a frizz ball. Its probably due to all of the product I have built up. Nothing can touch that much gunk.

summer outfit
I hope there’s someone out there planning on participating in my Challenge/ Giveaway! I have to be honest. I failed. Maybe if my trench coat doesn’t come until after May 31 I can still count it as a success? Ugh, excuses excuses. I gave in to the J. Crew sale today. I bought the gray cropped matchstick jeans for $50. They’re quite flattering and I’m hoping to get away with wearing them at work. I think the challenge will get a little easier when I replenish my closet a little bit. Its quite sparse. I just keep selling and selling… I think I have a problem.

// Inhabit Cardigan, S // J. Crew Tank (old) // Express Shorts (old) // Abercrombie Sandals (old) // Balenciaga Courier Bag (pre-owned) //

Well, its not so bad. Five items is much less than what I usually buy in a month. And I’ll rationalize even more here: I won’t have much time to shop during the first few months of residency. Better equip my closet with the essentials now!

That’s a good rationalization, right?

I am definitely in need of a few things, though. I need a black cardigan! I sold mine since I can only wear merino for a short time before itching. And I need some really comfy flats. Debating between those Me Too ones and splurging on those AGL ones. Hmmmm. Are they worth it?