Why Must We Part?

Sad story. I’ve been hairdresser-hopping for the past 3 years or so. Nobody was working out. Either they gave a bad cut, did crazy not-what-I-asked-for color, or were just odd. I thought I would never find my hairdresser soul mate. But I just did. She was the type of person that you felt like you knew for years. She listened to everything I said and responded thoughtfully and shared little bits of her life. *Sigh* Oh well. Anyone else have the hardest time finding a great hair dresser?

For a while there I was really struggling with finding my perfect Burberry trench. Just yesterday I finally gave in and drove to the Chicago Burberry store. After trying on trench after trench, I eventually found the one. (actually on sale in the other colors: oregano, true navy and copper pink). I have a lot of information to share for anyone thinking about buying one in the future (that post is in the making!)! I wish I had pictures to share, but I didn’t even think about taking any! And I’m having (free) alterations done at the store, so I won’t have the coat for another week or two. I can’t wait!


// Equipment Blouse, XS (pre-owned) // DSquared2 Skirt, 38 (pre-owned) // Kate Spade Pumps, 6.5 (now $92!) // Fendi Chameleon Bag (pre-owned) // Burberry Jacket, 2 (pre-owned) //

The curbing and cutting consumerism challenge is coming to an end! And after this trench purchase and this super-crazy sale cardigan purchase (~90% off with code elegance plus cashback!), I’m now at my four item maximum. I just have to hold off on making additional purchases for another week! I’d call this month a success. I’m so excited about all of my new additions! Are you in love with any of your recent purchases?