Burberry Brit Langford Trench Coat Review

I grabbed the Burberry Brit Langford Trench a few days ago (on sale + cash back) and it just arrived. I had high hopes, despite the fact that I have the hardest time with trench coats since I have quite broad shoulders.

Here are my thoughts:

burberry brit langford trench review

  • Color: LOVE!!! This is the most flattering beige color I’ve ever seen on me. No joke. Its so warm and gives my skin life! I will be sticking to this color for any future Burberry purchases.
  • Material: I like that the material is stiffer, but moves enough to be comfortable. Its more pliable that the Mottram. The lining is the classic Burberry plaid cotton. Very comfortable.

burberry brit langford trench review

  • Cut: The cut is too narrow in the shoulders for me in the size 2. It measures 15″ from shoulder seam to shoulder seam. I could wear it alone, as shown in the pics, but its way too tight with any thicker layers. The bust fits fine and measures at 18″. I actually like the slightly longer (35.5″) length. The sleeves, as always, are too long (25″).
  • Quality: No issues. I love the little details like the buttons along the back. Whoops, the belt is twisted!

burberry brit langford trench review
If you’re debating this coat, I definitely recommend it. I’m going to return it. I’m trying to decide if I should try this coat in the next size up and get it tailored or try another style altogether. Such decisions. I’m determined to add a Burberry Trench to my outerwear collection this month!!!