hello doctor

Well, I graduated. They gave me a diploma, so it must be real. I double checked that it was still there this morning and I didn’t just dream this whole thing up. I’m not an emotional person, but I almost wanted to cry happy tears. I held back because my allergies are making me sniffle and tear up enough as it is. I don’t need to give myself a tension headache or something because I’m so happy. That would be counterproductive.

So, I guess this is my first outfit as a “real” doctor.

burberry brit anorak
If you remember, these cute shoes were my first purchase this month. They’re still not wear-all-day comfortable, but they’re doing pretty well. No blisters or rubbing, but the ball of my foot eventually gets sore. Aren’t they pretty, though? For my second purchase this month I picked up a LBD to wear to graduation. When it got here I noticed that it was missing the belt! Not good. It made graduation day a bit stressful (hence, no graduation pics for the blog 🙁 ) So, this jacket is real purchase number two.  It was pre-owned from eBay and I paid less than half of retail. Its pretty thin, but overall I just love it!! Definitely a keeper!

And a confession about purchase number three. I don’t know if I’ll be keeping it yet, but I grabbed this Burberry trench in that color called “new chino.” It looks really flattering, at least more-so than the “trench” color that really washed me out. It was 33% off at Nordstrom and eBates has 14% back right now, which is really good. If I love it I guess it can be my graduation gift to myself (made possible by my excessive eBay selling). And I can always return it if its not worth it (like how I returned my previous one). I love free returns.

burberry brit anorak
// Burberry Anorak, 2 (pre-owned) //
// T by Alexander Wang Shirt, xs (obsessed with these) //
// Adriano Goldschmied Stilt Jeans, 26 (pre-owned) //
// Kate Spade Heels, 6.5 //
// Balenciaga Bag (pre-owned) //
I hope you’re having a great weekend and are enjoying some beautiful weather! This is such a beautiful season in the Midwest. Things are finally green! Have a wonderful Sunday 🙂