cream cheese filled french toast

We were so excited to head out for brunch today!! I enjoyed a super yummy quinoa and egg skillet after a difficult self-debate on whether the cream cheese filled french toast was worth working out for the next five hours. For the trip, I decided to don some shorts, despite the not-so-warm weather. I tossed on one of my favorite equipment blouses, which was another eBay find from early this year. I love these things, they’re so comfy! I definitely plan to eventually add more to my collection.

neutral spring colors
Afterwards, we made a quick trip over to J. Crew and tried on some stuff. Came home with a grand total of zero items. Pretty proud of myself right now! I did spend a few minutes snapping some pictures and I’ll post them soon 🙂

navy, pink and brown
So, I’ve been thinking about those four purchases I’ve allowed myself this month, and I think I’ve decided what to buy. One of the items will definitely be a trench coat in either a black or some sort of tan/ gray. I couldn’t justify spending over $800 on my Burberry trench from the Bloomingdales sale. I just didn’t have that extra money. I’ll see how much I end up with after selling 1/3 of my wardrobe, but I think a new designer trench is out of the question. Bummer.

burberry brit green trench
// Burberry Brit Trench (preowned) //
// Equipment Adele Blouse, xs (preowned) //
// Zinc Shorts (old as dirt) //
// Unknown Cardigan (preowned) //
// Abercrombie Kids Sandals (old)//
// Balenciaga Courier Bag (preowned) //