yes it is… the harem pant

My head is cut off in this picture because I was in a hurry, not because I’m that ashamed to be wearing these pants. I originally thought that these J. Crew ones were going to fit and fill that slouchy-comfy pants void in my closet, but it didn’t work out (they were even worse than these, yikes). I don’t mind these much, actually. They’re a thicker 100% silk and are so comfy. Just have to figure out where to get them hemmed to.

harem pants
// J. Crew Tunic (old) //
// A.L.C. Pants (pre-owned) //
// Zara Heels, 6 //
// Fendi Chameleon Bag, Large //

Tomorrow I’ll be starting my “Four per Month” shopping challenge.  If anyone wants to join, I’ll give details in my next post (please join!!). Basically, its just what it sounds like. I’m allowed to buy only four items per month, max. I’m trying to minimize my wardrobe. I eventually want to make it a “two per month” challenge, but I have to start slow 😉