Worth the Wait

J. Crew Cropped Matchstick Jean Review
I can’t believe we’re leaving for Maui tomorrow! Its been a long and stressful past few years and I’m so thankful that I get this opportunity to relax before residency starts. As someone who travels very infrequently, I’m extremely excited and don’t exactly know what to expect. As far as planning goes, we got the plane tickets and the condo. No idea what we’re actually going to do! And I have yet to pack. The only thing I bought for the trip was this super-comfy dress. I’ll probably just wear it over and over!

So, hopefully when I get back into town spring will have decided that it wants to stay for good. What is this I see? Snow here on Thursday? Ridiculous. Why am I staying in the Midwest again? Oh yes, outerwear. Because I love outerwear. Speaking of, I can’t wait to get back to self-gift #1 (in beige) and #2 (in charcoal)!! I certainly have lots more selling to do when I get home.

// Rag & Bone Shirt, xs (pre-owned) //
// J. Crew Cropped Matchstick Jeans in White, 25 //
// J. Crew Viv Flats, 6.5 //
// Balenciaga Courier Bag (pre-owned) //
Have a great week! I have some fun posts planned for this week and I hope you enjoy them 🙂