Why Getting Older is Awesome!!

[cc_blockquote_right]This post title initially read ‘Why Getting Older Doesn’t Totally Suck,’ but I figured, why not step up the optimisim, huh?[/cc_blockquote_right]

My brother, sister and I have birthdays within 14 days of each other. It used to be so exciting for us! Now, not so much. My brother is thrilled about being one year away from 30. I’m super excited about losing my health insurance. And my sister is too young to complain, lol.

Yes, I know, 26 is by no means “old.” But some days I feel much older than that number.

So, the best way for me to organize this post was to pick the typical “negative” things about getting older and spin them into something at least kinda-positive. Of course, these are all just my own experiences and thoughts! So here we go!

  Bummer #1:

Wrinkles. They stink. I don’t know when these things popped up, but I’m not a fan.

  • Positive: Well, most of my acne is (finally) gone!  Trying to cover up acne in the morning was a pain in the butt. It always took so long to try to make a breakout less visible… and it never worked. My skin is also less oily so my makeup doesn’t slide off. Since there’s no makeup that will conceal my wrinkles, I don’t worry about it! My morning makeup takes about 3 minutes. And I’m not ashamed to consider a little botox in the future.
  Bummer #2:

My metabolism slowed way down. Not sure when exactly this happened. The first time I noticed was two Novembers ago. I was on a 1.5 month long rotation and managed to put on 10 lbs while still working out every day. Clothes were more than a little snug.

  • Positive: I’m making healthy lifestyle changes now. I joined weight watchers last year and have maintained my ideal weight easily. I think the $20 per month is well worth it and would recommend it to anyone. Also, I’m finding different workouts I enjoy. Crossfit is great for a quick tone-up, but I can’t do it long term because its too hard on my joints. I switch off running, biking, elliptical training and high-intensity cardio & weights. I love doing at least a little yoga every day to loosen up, too.

crossfit bird

  Bummer #3:

I have significantly less free time than in the past (and will have significantly less for the next 3 years of 60-80 hour work weeks + 2 weeks vacation!).

  • Positive: I will learn to prioritize and make sacrifices. Not something that I want to do, but a skill that will continue to be very important. I’ve found that the best way for me to fight off feeling depressed or sorry for myself it to prioritize workouts and sleep (>7 hours).
  Bummer #4:

It seems that new technology is coming out so fast… I can’t keep up! Seriously, I’m lucky that I can understand what’s going on with my blog stuff. Facts: I’ve never owned a tv and don’t know how to work them past the basics. I only own an iPad because I won it, and I only use it for reading and web browsing. My computer is a 4+ year old Lenovo and I’ve never done any maintenance. I have an iPhone and the only app I consistently use is the weather one.

  • Positive: Pshhh, who cares? How much technology junk does one really need? And if I do buy something and don’t know how to work it, I’m quite an amazing Google-er.

Office Space Scene

  Bummer #5:

I’m poor. The poorest I’ve ever been. And my upcoming job won’t pay enough to even budget in the interest from my loans.

  • Positive: Sounds crazy, but I think its good to understand what its like to make life work on minimal funds. I try to earn any money I can (because we can’t have “real” jobs while in medical school). I’m still selling tons of trinkets from my grandparents house (and my clothes and such), doing little jobs here and there, and using affiliate links on my blog. It’ll be amazing when I eventually have a decent paying job.
  Bummer #6:

I’m not very good at using social media.  I loathe Facebook. I despise Twitter. There’s probably something “new and exciting” popping up right now that I’ll hate, too.

  • Positive: I only use these things for my blog and typically only make posts/ tweets that I think would be useful to someone.  It almost seems like we’re becoming too dependent on social media, and not enjoying real life. Not going to stress over this, we can’t do everything.

The Obama Way

  Bummer #7:

I go to bed at 9. There were times during school that I would consistently go to bed at 7. A “late night” for me is dinner and a 9:00 movie. On weekends I can only sleep in til 6am. Super cool.

  • Positive: I see sunrises! I get first pick on J. Crew pop-backs. Morning coffee is delicious. Tea is pretty yummy, too. Chai? Yes please. Who cares if I go to bed while its still light out? Having a night life is overrated.