Comparison Review: J. Crew Miri Midheel Mirror Pumps (vs. Mona Pumps)

J. Crew Miri midheel mirror pumps review

Hopefully this review is helpful for those of us that are considering J. Crew’s Miri Pump! Here are my thoughts on theĀ  shoe:

Sizing: These seem to run true to size. For my Mona pumps (and most J. Crew pumps) I sized up 1/2 size. I did the same for these Miri pumps and they are just a tad large. I could probably get away with my regular size 6, but the 6.5 would be workable.

Comfort: These have the same shaped toe box as the Mona’s, so if you found the Mona’s comfortable, odds are you’d find these comfortable. The heel is low and comfortable enough for all day wear. I had a little too much pressure on the ball of my foot after wearing the Mona’s for 8+ hours and I don’t foresee the same problem with the Miri’s.

Quality: Sad to say, but I feel like J. Crew’s shoe quality has gone downhill and their prices have done the opposite. I wore the Mona pumps to death. I appreciated the harder leather sole vs. the soft sole of the Miri’s. You can also see in the side views that the sole on the Miri’s is a little more visible, which bugs me. Lastly, the Miri’s came with numerous faint scratches throughout, which isn’t a huge deal, but is a little annoying for such a pricy shoe.

Overall: These would be a good sale purchase. No way would I pay anywhere near the $218 that they’re charging. Maybe half of that. Hope this helps you!