Wardrobe Analysis & Wishlist {Spring 2013}

I’m finally starting to feel content with my small wardrobe. Previously, when I’ve looked in my closet, I’ve found a bunch of things that I hadn’t worn for a while or that didn’t fit correctly. I’ve slowly sold all of those items and have been extremely careful to only buy items that will integrate well into my wardrobe. My additions from the past few months have consisted of some J. Crew (non-final sale) items, an unusually large number of Madewell purchases, and a few fun eBay finds.

Below are my recent J. Crew purchases. I avoided J. Crew for a couple months because I was not going to bite on any “final sale” stuff. I’ve since tried on a bunch of items and have kept the ones below. I absolutely love each and every one of them. They are great additions to my neutral closet staples. I do have my eye on a few other items at the moment, but not sure if I’ll pull the trigger.

funnelneck stripe matchstick perfect

I’d only bought one item from Madewell before this month, but I was getting a little bored of J. Crew’s dull patterns, so I decided to head over to their sister site. I’ve been pretty happy with my finds thus far. A few of these items are still on the way, so its hard to say if they’ll all be keepers (although everything so far is!!). The patterns and colors are just enough to add some interest to my otherwise fairly plain wardrobe.

trianglecardi jacket chambray silk popover fleck coral chambray circle cardi pansy

Typically the majority of my purchases are secondhand items. Recently however, I’ve been super careful to only buy items that I know will fit and I’m really loving. I’m enjoying my AG Stilts, which I wear like boyfriend jeans. I’m also enjoying my unique tops from Equipment, Rag & Bone & Jil Sander, all of which have been great deals.

And now for ways to improve my wardrobe…

cardi pants shoes necklace dress
  • Comfortable neutral pumps. I’ve nearly worn all of mine out (I’m hard on my shoes). I think that I’ll intermittently look for nude pumps because they get such heavy wear.
  • Comfortable pants. I really struggle with finding pants that I want to wear. I don’t mind my skinny pants and leggings, but I do need to start branching out a little more. I’ve been debating getting J. Crew’s curator pant for forever. I should just try them, but I don’t want to go over my March budget too much.
  • Neutral Cardigans. I love cardigans, especially with the ridiculous temperature variations in the Midwest. I’m starting to realize that I probably can’t have too many of them. They get heavy, regular wear. And, as silly as it sounds, little variations in color (light taupe vs dark taupe, etc) can completely change the feel of an outfit. And fun little drapes and details can make a plain outfit much more interesting.
  • Simple Jewelry. I’m not a bright/ large/ statement jewelry person, although I do hope to get a dainty bib-type necklace to wear under shirts and dresses. The best additions for me would be simple rings, pendant necklaces and maybe bracelets.
  • Work-appropriate Dresses. I don’t know why I have such a hard time with dresses. It would be great to have a few plain or neutral dresses to throw on when I’m having an “I don’t know what to wear” day. Its so hard to find flattering that fit appropriately, though!

What are your most wanted items right now?