Two Shirts :: Black & Chambray Polka Dots

J. Crew Chambray Dot Shirt
Nothing is more uplifting than seeing numbers in the 40’s on my iphone’s weather app. I may or may not have been checking the app every morning, waiting to see just one number >39. This means that the ice-snow we now have will finally be melting and that I’ll be able to get in my driveway again without plowing over a moderate sized snowbank.
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For those ladies that layering comes naturally to, I’m quite jealous of you. I seem to just throw stuff on (& off & on…) until something works out acceptably well. That was the case here. I’m not really sure what I was thinking, but its darn comfy and I don’t care if its supposed to go together or not.
easy petite looks blog
This is hopefully the last picture of my scraggly hair. Its really about time for a cut. And color. If these things weren’t so darn expensive I wouldn’t have to go around with this mop on my head all the time. Plus, I’m terrified of getting my previous orange highlights back (I said no red, but I didn’t say no orange…). Its just hair, I don’t expect much. I just don’t want to go to work with hooker hair (again).
easy petite looks blog

// J. Crew Shirt (in stock in the popover) //
// Equipment Signature Blouse (I snatch these up when they go on sale //
// Banana Republic Leggings (going to purchase these next!!) //
// J. Crew Flats //
// Fendi Chameleon Bag //
// Valentino Scarf  (this and this by Pierre-Louis Mascia are stunning)//