Mini Color Flecks

madewell pocket tee in color fleck
This was a perfect Friday outfit for me… comfy as pajamas with a few fun colors and accessories! 🙂 I absolutely adore this “color fleck” material that I’ve been seeing around this spring!! It basically looks like a few flecks of colorful paint on a neutral canvas. Just enough to give an outfit a little interest. Its hard to capture the flecks in pictures, but you can kind of see them below.

madewell pocket tee in color fleck
This tee is from Madewell. Honestly, at $25 full price, its not unreasonable. I got it during the 25% off sale (that appears to still be going on) plus got cash back from some rebate site (forgot which one I used), so it ended up being a little more than $15. Not bad at all.

Silk Cargo Pants
I did end up finding J. Crew’s color-fleck popover in-store a few days ago, too. No way was I willing to pay $88 for that thing, but after combining a few discounts it ended up being around $35, which is ok. Hey, it was a rough day. I had to have a little retail therapy! And I can probably justify having two color-fleck shirts. Three might be pushing it, so no more for me!

madewell pocket tee in color fleck
// Madewell Color Fleck Tee, xs //
// Massimo Alba Cardigan, m (pre-owned) //
// Maggie Ward Pants, xs (old) //
// Ann Taylor Perfect Pumps, 6 //
// Balenciaga Courier Bag (pre-owned) //
Have a great weekend!!