J. Crew Reviews {Boy Shirt in Stripe Linen, Liberty Perfect Shirt in Lodden Paisley, Circle-print Chambray Shirt, Stripe Oxford Popover, Color-fleck Popover}

Ok, on to the second half of my J. Crew reviews. The first part can be found here.

Boy Shirt in Stripe Linen (72092) – This is one of the items that came home with me this past weekend. I love the longer fit of the boy shirts now. The width is also a bit slimmer, which is great. The linen is surprisingly opaque and comfy. Did I need another blue striped shirt? Probably not. But this one will get a lot of use. This is a 00 I believe.

bought top
Liberty Perfect Shirt in Lodden Paisley (40050) – This is a beautiful shirt. I love it. I just don’t love the price. The liberty shirts have such great material, so soft and smooth. The cut on this one is also slightly longer that past seasons versions, which I appreciate for layering. I’m wearing a 00 and it fits great other than a little gap at the bust that would need to be taken care of with some fabric tape.

Circle-print Chambray Popover (30313) – I’m not a big fan of popovers in general. This one is fine, I guess. It fits similar to other J. Crew popovers. The length is a little shorter than the regular shirts, which I think is why I don’t like them as much. They are also a little wider around the waist. The chambray feels great and the little dots are really cute, but I prefer last seasons dot chambray shirt.

Color-fleck Popover (39928) – I loved the color flecks on this one!! This would be such an adorable and versatile top… hopefully it comes in the regular shirt version!! It fits similar to the other popovers, slightly wider and shorter. But I think its a little longer than the chambray popover. I might have to grab it and do the wet-stretch maneuver.

Stripe Oxford Popover (94946) – Same deal here, but the material feels a little thicker and stiffer. The baby pink stripes are perfect for all seasons… much better than the bright pink stripes as far as versatility goes. If this one came in the regular shirt version I’d probably grab it along with the other one.

Alright, enough reviews for now! Time for some sales…