I’m Moving!!

So, today is match day. For anyone who hasn’t heard of it, its the day when every medical student gets to find out where they will do their residency for the next 3-7 years.

J. Crew Cropped Matchstick Jeans in White
For anyone that’s wondering, I’m doing internal medicine. And I just found out a few hours ago that I’ll be doing my training in Minneapolis.linen
There are always good and bad feelings about big, life-changing stuff like this. As for the good, I love the program. The people were absolutely lovely, the training is great & I get to work with a good variety of patients. Minneapolis is also an awesome city. And the bad? Well, Minneapolis is the only place I could have ended up that’s colder than Milwaukee. Time to invest in more (and more and more) outerwear. (Yay?) I also am separated from the bf, who got into a wonderful program that he loves over in Michigan. Can’t have everything, right?

So there you go. My next few years of life have a new path. I’m sure I’ll slow way down on the blogging when I get there because I’ll be working my butt off taking care of patients. But I hope I still make a little time for myself and my little blog 🙂

j. crew cropped matchstick jeans in white
// Majestic Blazer (old) //
// J. Crew Perfect Shirt in Linen //
//J. Crew Cropped Matchstick Jeans in White //
// Kate Spade Wedges (similar shape with the Everly wedge) //
// Celine Mini Luggage Bag //
// T J Maxx Scarf & Hat (old) //